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King Long Energy-Saving Technologies Helps Curbing Air Pollution

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King Long Energy-Saving Technologies Helps Curbing Air Pollution

Jun 28 , 2022
The national "Two Sessions” opened in March, 2013, when Beijing was hit hard by the haze. Naturally, haze-control became a hot topic in the "Two Sessions”.

Car emission is widely believed as a major source for the photochemical smoke pollution and a cause for haze. As it’s shown in a survey, car emission contributes 38% to the PM 2.5. That lead us to believe it is of most importance to curb car emission.

Experts say a more developed public transport system could be an effective measure. Public bus only consumes 8.4% of energy a private car would consume per head per 100 km. Presumably, 1% of car owners convert to public buses in China, and 80 million liters of fuels would be saved. Thus, developing public transportation, especially using energy-saving and new energy buses could be the most direct method to improve air quality and protect the environment.

How to produce environmentally-friendly buses is a question that many commercial vehicle makers are thinking about. Being one of the leading bus makers in China, King Long is committed to improving energy efficiency through innovation as well as developing new technologies. They practice the concept of low carbon in the whole processing, and offered valuable methods and references for the haze-control.

King Long responds actively to the government policy of "energy-saving and emission-reducing”, continuously deepen the R&D works, applied two projects of " the construction and industrialization of new energy car development”, " the construction of R&D platform for energy-saving, safe and comfortable cars, the industrialization of key parts”, investing ¥150 million in building the first test center for safety and energy-saving of buses in China, building the firth laboratory for ew energy power transmission chain, the biggest heavy-duty drum laboratory and power battery laboratory, forging the most advanced facilities for the R&D of new energy buses. Moreover, the project of "Moderate hybrid vehicle the industrialization technology research project and extended range / plug-in power system of heavy commercial vehicles assembly development” was approved by the 863 project, making King Long the leader in the R&D of new energy bus.

Besides, King Long strengthens the research of energy-saving and emission-reduction, such as the light weight technology, braking-energy-saving technology, constant temperature control technology of engine, all of which will effectively reduce energy-consumption.King Long launched the new generation of intelligent technology, which could optimize the fit of cars and road, making every drop of fuel count, reducing the energy-consumption by 10%, becoming the most advanced technology of its kind among all domestic competitors, and receiving wide spread praise from customers, and was awarded the "the best environment-protection product of 2012”.

King Long is equipped with the most advanced bus laboratoey in China

A pioneer in the market, King Long has a clear and unique plan for the development of energy-saving and new energy technologies.

King Long continuously optimize the fuel system, enhancing fuel efficiency for traditional buses, and developed CNG, LNG edition for almost all traditional buses. Works are done to reduce the weight of body, make the bus safer, more stable and more energy-efficient.

With more than ten years of exploring and practicing, King Long understands very well the requirement of customers. They have a whole range of products including the hybrid bus, plug-in hybrid bus, electric bus. Thousands of King Long new energy buses are running in cities of Beijng, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Kunming, Hangzhou, making up the major force of energy-saving task.

King Long proposed the concept of " Full Electric Commuting Bus”, calling for the promotion of commuting buses. The person concerned said that commuting buses could fully utilize the transportation, and reduce the amount of private cars, relieve the traffic stagnation. What’s more, electric commuting buses do better in improving air quality because they are zero-emission, zero-pollution.

200 hybrid buses King Long manufactured for Wuhan

The deputy general manager of King Long, Mr. Xu Xiangdong said that " traffic are getting worse day after day, especially during rush hours , the reason for that lies in the fact that there are too many private cars on the road. One commuting bus carries as many person 10-20 cars could carry, while consumes energy 3-4 cars could consume, lowering the energy-consumption, improving traffic, enhancing air quality.”

Bus manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry, consuming large quantity of energy and employing labors in large numbers. Therefore, King Long initiates " low carbon” campaign in every aspect including procurement, manufacturing, management.

The full electric commuting bus that King Long manufactured

Starting from details, King Long utilizes ecological materials in parts like engine, interior decoration, bus body. The company also set up a special department to call up all the staff to come up with new ideas to optimize the manufacturing process.

King Long also practises the concept low carbon in the office and management works, achieving good results in water and electric saving, office supplies saving. All business cards are made from recycled paper, papers are printed on both sides, in-room temperature is regulated uner 26 degree. The company saves 30% of energy consumed by the light tubes, saving 80 thousand degrees of electricity a year.

King Long practises low carbon manufacturing in the whole process

King Long always encourages employees to commute greenly, which many employees actively practice. King Long has 11 commuting lines with 24 buses, serving more than 1000 employees every day.

Mr. Guo Renxiang, general manager of King Long said : " every person and every company has his responsibility In building a beautiful China. In the future, King Long will invest even heavily in hardware and software to encourage the research of energy-saving and new energy buses, offering more such products for customers, making contribution to the development of the society as well as human being’s pursuit for a better life.”

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