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King Long Bus Serves First Digital China Summit

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King Long Bus Serves First Digital China Summit

Jun 28 , 2022

The face-scanning pay, the contactless security check, and the autonomous driving…Such high technologies are no longer only appeared in the movies and they have come to the public.

On April 22, the first Digit China Summit was opened grandly in the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. This high-specification, high-level, and high-quality “Digit China Summit” gathered numerous domestic distinguished guests, including heads of state ministries, provincial and municipal representatives, and heads of large central enterprises, and the representatives of leading enterprises, including 360, Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and, in Fuzhou. The first Digital China Achievement Exhibition held at the same time also attracted 293 exhibitors and a batch of China leading digital economic enterprises exhibited their latest and strongest technologic achievements in succession.

At this summit, the Apolong, the King Long’s autonomous driving bus, was opened to the public for test drive for the first time. Meanwhile, as a representative of Fujian automotive industry, King Long undertook the mission once again to provide all-round commuting solutions for the attending distinguished guests, staff, and volunteers with whole-series products, from luxury bus and pure-electric bus to ambulance and special service police vehicle.

King Long pure-electric vehicle, the green element in the summit

As the circulating shuttle buses among the summit site, hotels, and summit workspace, the all-new King Long pure-electric buses allocated by Fuzhou Minyun Public Transportation Co., Ltd. provided the environmental-friendly transportation services for this summit.

King Long pure-electric bus provides environmental-friendly transportation services for this summit

“This batch of King Long pure-electric buses started to serve the summit since April 21 and the earliest dispatching shift started at 6:30. Based on the summit needs, the dispatching frequency was adjusted. In the opening day of April 22, due to fiercely increased quantity of staff and attending guests, we shortened the dispatching interval to as short as 5min per shift and the off-duty time was extended based on the commuting needs of the summit.” The General Dispatcher of Fuzhou Minyun Public Transportation Co., Ltd. told the reporter.

Did the King Long pure-electric buses withstand the test conditions of such dense work shifts and high-load operations? “We are really familiar with the King Long pure-electric buses. These buses are easy to drive, comfortable to ride, and especially excellent in energy-conservation. At ordinary times, the remaining battery power is approximately 60% after the 140km daily operation. During the summit, even if the operation frequency is doubled, these buses surely have no problem." Mr. Li, a driver of pure-electric shuttle bus for this summit, was full of confidence for King Long pure-electric buses.

The citizens visiting the summit site could also take the King Long zero-emission pure-electric buses. It’s reported that at present Fuzhou Minyun Public Transportation Co., Ltd. owns 600 King Long pure-electric buses to serve the daily traveling of citizens. During the summit, the quantity of King Long pure-electric buses was increased for the bus routes bound for the summit site to better serve the visiting needs of the citizens.

Exclusive bus for your pleasant journey

In the evening of April 22, King Long luxury buses transported the distinguished guests to attend the “Digital Economy · Minjiang River Night Talk” forum, one important agenda of this summit. At that night, the distinguished guests were deeply impressed by the brilliant scenery and beautiful night on two banks of Minjiang River and the comfortable riding experience of King Long buses made this journey more beautiful. During the summit, King Long buses undertook the commuting mission for the content-rich sub-forums.

King Long luxury buses serve distinguished guests for significant activities.

“I visited and took your Apolong in the summit site at daytime and I didn’t expect to take the King Long bus now.” One distinguished guest for the activities told the reporter: “Though the King Long buses are not equipped with high technologies as the Apolong does, their appearance and comfort are also good and King Long buses provide great conveniences for our traveling needs during the summit.” He was really satisfied with the services of King Long buses.

King Long buses serve commuting of nearly 1,000 volunteers.

During the summit, nearly 1,000 volunteers provided warm, considerate, standard and professional voluntary services for the summit and the distinguished guests, reporters, and visitors, becoming a flowing scenery line of the summit. To guarantee the normal works of volunteers, from April 13, King Long dispatched buses to serve the volunteers for circulation among workspace and various summit sites. The considerate services and comfortable experiences of King Long buses became a warm and sweet memory for the volunteers during their services for the summit.

In addition, King Long mini vans, ambulances, and special police vehicles were working on the corresponding posts to safeguard the successful implementation of the summit.

Craftsmanship services for full-strength safeguard of summit commuting

With our experienced service guarantee team proved by significant events, including NPC & CPPCC, Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo, first China Youth Games, and Xiamen Summit of Brics, King Long provided the vehicle services with high specialty and considerate attitude for the first Digital China Summit.

King Long service team safeguards with full strength the commuting for the summit.

“Though we are already experienced in the transportation support for major events, we still can’t treat it lightly. Our safeguard this time is all-rounded and covers diversified vehicle models and long service period. We are fully prepared for this.” The Commander in Chief of the King Long After-Service Guarantee Wang Duanfeng said, “Before and during this summit, the service guarantee team fulfilled the maintenances and thorough checking for the vehicles to guarantee the perfect performance of vehicles during the summit. In addition, the emergency rescue department was set up. Before the opening of this summit, we also transferred the service elites from the headquarter for 24h standby, in order to successfully complete the commuting services for the summit with full strength under zero-malfunction condition.”

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