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King Long Bus Passes through the Qualification Assessment of Auto Gas Cylinder

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King Long Bus Passes through the Qualification Assessment of Auto Gas Cylinder

Jun 28 , 2022

In the morning of 9 December 2010, King Long Bus formally passed through the qualification assessment by the approval team of Fujian Province Special Equipments Association for the installation of auto gas cylinder. The qualification means a lot for King Long Bus for large-scale launching of natural gas buses, opening of product structure and extending markets.

Currently, clean energy buses powered by natural gas have been operation in many cities in China. As the China leading bus builder, King Long has started to develop clean energy buses since 2001 such as XMQ6119G2, XMQ6106G3, XMQ6105G5 referring to LNG, LPG and CNG and the related produces have been sold in many cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Fuzhou and Xiamen.

According to "Pressure Vessel Installation, Alteration and Repair Licensing Regulation", the gas cylinder for auto belong to special equipments and it requires national compulsory appraisal. In order to make sure the full control of King Long gas buses in the respects of designing, purchasing, technology, checking, record and scene installation, King Long Bus has formally made application for this qualification in this June.

Xu Xiangdong, the Deputy General Manager of King Long Bus showed that the company rather focused on the installation of gas cylinder, laid down and carried on "The Quality Control Manual for the Installation of Gas Cylinder". In the meantime, it introduced exquisite checking equipments, made training for related staffs and improved the relevant process and system. He pointed out that King Long Bus would strictly obey the regulations of safety as well as technical supervision of auto gas cylinders and offer safe, economic and environmental bus products.

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