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King Long Bus Opens New Situation of Overseas Sales Market

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King Long Bus Opens New Situation of Overseas Sales Market

Jun 28 , 2022

It is known that Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (King Long Bus for short) has exported products to U.K., Italy, France, Malta, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Peru, Chile and Egypt. According to Zhu Guoqiang, deputy G.M. of King Long Bus, the company possibly gets the exporting revenue objective of 1.8 billion Yuan in this year. In Jan.-Jun. 2011, the bus builder has exported over 3300 buses & coaches, exporting revenue of more than 1 billion Yuan, year-on-year growth of over 100%, ranking No.1 in the China bus industry.

172 King Long city buses shipment to Malta

King Long bus in Italy

According to Wei Xieguo, manger of overseas sales department of King Long Bus, the creative products for various market characteristics are important factors for the good overseas sales of this bus builder, for example, XMQ6800 and XMQ6900 tourist coaches for the Europe market since 2009 (more than 200 units below 10-meter have been sold in this market just in 2011); 12-meter CNG XMQ6123G city bus, 18-meter BRT city bus XMQ6180G and suburban bus XMQ6120C for the South American market that natural gas resources are popular (more than 300 units having been exported); the exporting of 1079 city buses by the way of CKD (completely knocked down) and technology exportation in Senegal. At present, King Long products have covered over 80 countries and regions all over the world, as the China bus builder with the widest overseas markets.

King Long gas bus for Peru

King Long Bus further opens the high-end overseas markets. It developed triaxial bus XMQ6130Y for the high-end tourist coach bus in Europe, valuing 2 million Yuan. Also, XMQ6129Y and XMQ6130Y have been approved for Russian GOST certificated for the access to the Russian market.

King Long 18-meter BRT buses export overseas

Mr. Zhu points out that "It is a new starting point for King Long Bus to get more than 1 billion Yuan for the overseas sales revenue in the first half of 2011 and we possibly realize the objective of 1.8 billion Yuan this year. And then we will do our best to step into the North American market and launch the first prototype vehicle in accordance with the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)certificate in 2012, producing in batches in 2013. We strive for that the overseas income accounts for 40% of the total sales revenue and to set up the complete marketing and service network in the global, including the developed markets such as Europe and America to become the globally influential passenger transport solution provider. "

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