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King Long 18m City Bus Serve BRT in Xiamen

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King Long 18m City Bus Serve BRT in Xiamen

Jun 28 , 2022
It is learned from sources that six Kinglong 18m articulated buses were formally put into Xiamen BRT operation. And this is also the first time for Xiamen BRT system to use 18m vehicles.

Kinglong 18m articulated bus
Kinglong 18m articulated bus

The new Kinglong 18m city bus is composed of two carriages and three doors, and its rated passenger capacity of 150 persons is double of 12m city bus.

As far as safety is concerned, whole chassis brake, ABS equipment, and tire pressure alarming device are adopted, the highest speed is 58km/h. In addition, low entry and three-door design shorten the time to get on and off the bus, and passengers can also evacuate the bus quickly when emergency. 

In addition, the bus emphasizes environmental production and economy. Imported engine to euro  Ⅲ emission standards. AMT and electric control pusher articulator facilitate drivers, and spacious doors and low entry help passengers to get on and off the bus easily. In addition, vehicle-mounted computer can communicate power system, bodywork system, bus station plate as well as information displayer will ensure intelligence of the bus adding CAN technology. 

The 18m BRT bus is specially designed for Xiamen BRT system. As a leading domestic bus builder, Kinglong has abundant experience in manufacturing BRT buses. Kinglong has provided 208 12m city buses when Xiamen BRT was open in Sept. 2008, and the buses were highly praised after one year operation.

And Kinglong 18m BRT city buses have been also exported to Iran, Peru and Australia etc markets.

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