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King Long 18-meter Buses Serve Xiamen BRT

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King Long 18-meter Buses Serve Xiamen BRT

Jun 28 , 2022
Xiamen BRT lines will see King Long 18-meter articulator. It’s learned from related department that fifteen 18m articulators will serve Xiamen BRT to ease traffic jams in rush hours.

King Long 18m articulator
King Long 18m articulator

Currently twelve-meter city buses were employed in Xiamen BRT lines. Transport sectors have pointed out long before BRT that 18m city buses can be used accordingly. Capacity of the lengthen articulators are double the BRT city buses.

Xiamen BRT lines have been welcomed by citizens for their safe, fast, convenient and low in ticket price since launched. And there is even no space inside the bus during rush hours as the gradual increasing passenger flow volumes. According to statistics from Xiamen BRT Company, average passenger flow volumes are about 180,000 person/time, and the number will rise to 200,000 person/time in weekends. And even bigger bus is expected.

Currently 15m articulators are being tested, and there are still many problems to be resolved before put into use. And the bus platforms have to be transformed accordingly, because there are three doors in the bus.

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The 18m lengthen articulator is composed of two carriages and three doors. Capacity of the bus is about 150 passengers, while that of conventional BRT bus is only 70 passengers.

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