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Jieguan 3T Leads New Fashion of High-end Tourism

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Jieguan 3T Leads New Fashion of High-end Tourism

Jun 28 , 2022

On August 10th, 10 units commercial version of Jieguan 3T were delivered to Guizhou Shengtong Xiangrui Tourism Co., Ltd, it will lead the new fashion of high-end tourism in Guizhou.

"This is the firstly initiated model in the industry. The 9-meter seats are arranged in a 1 1 way, and the number of seats is only 16 1. At present, only our company has such high-end models in the industry." Xu Wei said proudly.At present, colorful Guizhou is attracting more and more tourists. Tourism industry has achieved a "blowout" growth for three years, and tourism industry has become the new driving force of Guizhou's economy.

Firstly initiated high-end brand in the industry

Shengtong Xiangrui has been focusing on market changes and creating a high-quality transportation brand. Since its establishment for more than three years, it has developed into one of the best tourist passenger transport enterprises in Guizhou, with more than 100 operating vehicles. During the company's development, Shengtong Xiangrui keenly discovered the huge potential of the high-end tourism market. The development of high-speed rail, aviation and other large-scale transportation modes has greatly promoted the development of tourism industry, and the high-end tourism market is gradually expanding. In addition, more and more high-standard and high-level international events have settled in Guizhou, and the high-end business reception market is rising gradually.

In recent years, Shengtong Xiangrui's business in high-end tourism and reception is growing at a rate of about 50% every year. In order to further develop high-end tourism and group reception, Shengtong Xiangrui cooperated with travel agency and conference reception company to propose product demands for 1 1 seat layout.

For Shengtong Xiangrui's customized business edition of Jieguan 3T, under its domineering appearance, the unique internal design makes people shine at the moment. The 1 1 seat layout makes the whole vehicle look unusually spacious. Large business seats with headrests can allow tall passengers to extend and bend freely. The warm wood floor, white diamond leather roof, mahogany window sill with elegant tone and six-color LED dimmer light strips at the middle top show the high-end characteristics of the whole vehicle. Each seat is equipped with USB interface, pull-down curtain same as EMU and cold and hot water dispenser, etc., which highlights the humanistic care.

As a new benchmark for medium-sized buses, the Jieguan 3T has also been comprehensively upgraded in terms of body structure and safety. Jieguan 3T adopts Q700 high-strength steel and full-monocoque body structure, which has the advantage of lightweight while upgrading safety performance. In terms of braking distance, the Jieguan 3T adopts a large-size disc brake with a braking distance of 22m at 60km/h, reaching the first in the industry. King Wings Internet of Vehicles has a complete industry solution and a comprehensive and most functional vehicle information management solution tailored to provide intelligent aid for operation.

Tailoring with bright prospect
Xu Wei had his own ideas for such a pioneer model to be built by King Long: "Since we are facing the high-end market, we first require the vehicle brand to be high-end. King Long is a first-class domestic bus brand with high brand awareness and reputation. In addition, we have purchased many models of King Long before, and we have been deeply impressed by the reliable quality and service of King Long. "

As expected, King Long has delivered a perfect answer to Shengtong Xiangrui with its strong tailored design and manufacturing capability. "I flew to Xiamen three times to discuss the design and details of the vehicle with the King Long team. The King Long team attached great importance to this project, provided us with a tailored solution, and also applied for a special announcement for this model."

When the first batch of business edition of Jieguan 3T was delivered, Xu Wei also warmly invited his Guizhou peers to come to Xiamen to experience this high-end tourist model. On that day, Xu Wei and his peers praised King Long after carefully inspecting the vehicle under a high temperature of 38℃: "the design and workmanship of the vehicle fully meet our demand for high-end tourism products, and we are very satisfied." With the upgrading of consumption, people's demand for high-quality lifestyle and travel experience is also increasing, and the high-end models are welcomed by tourist passenger transport market. Xu Wei also introduced that many peers are very optimistic about the prospect of this model and are planning to order and customize it.
Jieguan 3T is the latest generation of medium-sized bus from Jieguan family. It originates from the classic and comes from the new generation. We believe that the business edition of Jieguan 3T will become a new "engine" of the high-end tourism market and a new sharp weapon for tourism passenger transport enterprises to be "profitable" in transportation.

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