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Innovation for a Better World :King Long’s 8th Time at 2019 Busworld Europe

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Innovation for a Better World :King Long’s 8th Time at 2019 Busworld Europe

Jun 28 , 2022

The 25th Busworld Brussels held in Brussels from October 18 to 23. At the world's most influential bus exhibition, King Long Bus made its debut in 2005 and participated for eight consecutive sessions, becoming an indispensable Chinese element in the exhibition. During this period, King Long Bus has also grown into a world-renowned bus brand.

With the theme of "Innovation for a Better World" and the leading intelligent technology, King Long Bus will show its stronger brand strength at this exhibition. In the new era and new exhibition platform in Brussels, it will display the strong product lineup of Level L4 autonomous driving bus Apolong, 5G intelligent telematics bus PEV12, high-end Longwei II flagship C13HD and EU suburban vehicle U13. With its future-looking technology application, the four models of exhibition buses demonstrate the manufacturing strength and leading level of China's bus intelligent products in the industry 4.0, and demonstrate the new elegant demean our of China's bus industry.

Pioneers of Autonomous Driving Service

Autonomous driving represents a new revolution in the automobile industry, which has attracted the attention of global automobile enterprises and IT enterprises who continue to increase investment. Starting in 2017, King Long Bus and Internet giant Baidu have joined forces to jointly promote the development and application of autonomous driving technology in China. China's first L4 autonomous driving bushas been in commercial operation for one year, opening a new era of autonomous driving service for public transportation.

At the technology-rich Xiong'an Citizen Service Center, you can see King Long Apolong moving at any time. King Long Apolong's demonstration operation in Xiong'an Citizen Service Center has laid a solid foundation for the construction of Xiong'an intelligent transportation system.

Guangdong Country Garden's Tonghu Sci-Tech Town is the first town and park that actually operates unmanned vehicles. King Long Apolong has been put into operation as the town's shuttle bus. This "at beck and call" autonomous driving bus makes this Sci-Tech Town called "Guangzhou Silicon Valley" more worthy of the name.

In Beijing Haidian Park, Fuzhou Feifengshan Olympic Park, Chongqing Lijia Wisdom Park and other parks, King Long Apolong shuttled back and forth, providing strong support for the intelligent upgrading of the parks with a strong sense of intelligence and future.

Up to now, King Long Apolong has already realized commercial landed operations in 25 cities and regions and 30 scenes in China, providing extremely comfortable travel and feeder services for the public. It has accumulated 57,000 kilometers of autonomous driving mileage, 63,000 passengers and kept safety from accidents. It has demonstrated the leading strength of China's autonomous driving technology and set a benchmark for the global commercial operation of autonomous driving. Under the leadership of King Long Apolong, autonomous driving vehicles of the Level 4 in the park have ushered in a new era of rapid development in China, promoting the innovation and development of China's automobile industry.

The Bearer of the Age of Interconnection of Everything

In 2019, 5G has been realized the commercial application, which provides favorable conditions for the development of bus telematics technology. In terms of networking, King Long Bus is also in the forefront of China's bus industry. The 5G intelligent telematics bus PEV12 on display is a city bus solution built for the 5G era based on deep accumulation of intelligent telematics technology.

In order to give full play to the bandwidth advantages of 5G, King Long Bus has designed and manufactured the new intelligent chassis platform and intelligent network domain controller of PEV12 to realize efficient coordination between vehicle system and traffic environment such as roads and vehicles. Based on 5G technology, PEV12 realizes 5G V2X functions such as over-the-horizon collision prevention, real-time vehicle-road coordination, optimal vehicle speed strategy, safe and accurate parking, etc. It integrates isolated passengers and drivers in traditional public transportation with surrounding landmarks through 5G network, realizes the coordination and integration of people, vehicles and roads, and provides a direction for the intelligent development of future cities.

It is especially mentioned that in September 2018, King Long Bus has jointly launched a 5G intelligent telematics bus trial with Datang Telecom. Sixteen functions of PEV12 including lane keeping, car following and forward anti-collision have been successfully tested on Xiamen BRT line. At the end of this year, a large number of intelligent telematics buses will be officially operated on urban public transportation lines, opening a new era for urban public transportation in China.

Digitalization Defines "Ingenious" Manufacturing

While upgrading the technical level of the buses with intelligent products in China, King Long Bus continues to challenge high-end manufacturing. The Longwei II flagship C13HD debuted at this exhibition, which is launched in the European Union market, demonstrates King Long Bus' ability to create high-end products with digital "ingenuity". C13HD has demonstrated the new quality characteristics of high-end bus with its excellent performance in six aspects: shape, safety, NVH, control, ergonomics and comfort.

Europe is the birthplace of the automobile industry, but it has always adhered to its ingenuity in the development of industrial civilization. In the era of digitalization, Longwei II creatively interprets and creates new connotation with intelligence and digitalization. Longwei II adopts the development mode of full-process digitalization and modular platform, realizing the high harmony of the whole vehicle. Longwei II flagship version has set a new height for high-end craftsmanship in many indicators. For example, Longwei II flagship version is China's first coach with a full windshield, overcoming 110mm of radian and difficulty. The front face has been increased by 90mm in thickness, making the shape distinguished. Breakthroughs have been made in vehicle structural design and vehicle NVH technology, with noise performance reaching the international leading level.

Since it crossed the high threshold of EU certification for the first time in 2005 and made its historic debut at the Busworld Europe, King Long Bus has continuously absorbed international advanced bus industry concepts and technologies in the market experience of developed countries for more than ten years, serving the global public transportation with innovative transportation solutions, growing into the backbone of the world bus market and winning the success of 100,000 overseas sales.

With "innovation" as the core power, King Long Bus will continue to lead Chinese bus manufacturing to the world and create better public transportation. At the same time, King Long Bus will join hands with more global partners to forge a more brilliant tomorrow.

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