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Improving Brand Value of King Long Bus

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Improving Brand Value of King Long Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long Bus has been selected as China Top 500 Brands with the brand value of 10.158 billion Yuan for the eighth time successively, 5000 million Yuan more than seven years ago.

the brand value of King Long Bus reaches10.158 billion Yuan

Steadily Growing Sales Achievements

In 2010, the company makes good achievements in both domestic and overseas markets: 23561 units buses having been sold, year-on-year growth of 53%. In January to May 2011, King Long Bus has sold almost 10000 various models, relating to the amount of 2.66 billion Yuan and highlighted China bus industry for its outstanding performance in overseas market (3066 units exporting buses, 782 million Yuan, year-on-year growth of 113%, ranking No.1. According to Zhu Guoqiang, deputy general manger of King Long Bus, they are confidence of the realizing of the objective of 7.6 billion Yuan and annual output of 28000 units in this year.

Innovative Products and Leading Technology

Concerning the development of new products, King Long Bus has launched various new buses & coaches for the different rising markets and traditional market segment: one-and-a-half-deck bus XMQ6129Y8, intercity bus XMQ6120C, commuting bus XMQ6110C, school bus XMQ6802XC, hybrid power city bus XMQ6127GH5, XMQ6127GHEV4, electric tourist coach XMQ6126YE, electric light bus XMQ6530DBEV. Such models as XMQ6127GH5, XMQ6127GHEV4 and XMQ6126YE have been listed in the directory of the national recommended energy-saving and new energy vehicles. In this March, 20 XMQ6127GH5 city buses have been operated in Xiamen city. In addition, the bus builder invested over 40 million Yuan on the construction of the test center for energy-saving buses & coaches for the further development of new energy buses and relevant key parts.

Continuously Improving Manufacturing Technology and Leading Quality

To meet customers’ higher demand on high-end products, King Long Bus formally started the production line for high-end buses & coaches in this May, making full upgrading of such creative production line in China in the respects of manufacturing, equipments and staff training and also invested more than 100 million Yuan on the building-up of the electrostatic coating line to further enhance the durance and the safety intensity of the products.

Big Breakthrough in Overseas Market and Making International Famous Brand

As one the earliest China bus builder implementing overseas sales strategy, King Long Bus also keeps closely watching of high-end market and has made outstanding achievements in EU market since the access to the market   in 2005, referring to the accumulated exporting models of over 1500 units in 12 countries in EU, in particular, in Italy, France and UK. Zhu Guoqiang shows that as of now, King Long products have covered 83 countries and regions over the world and they aim at the North America market. (sample vehicles to be tested and reviewed in America for certificate in 2012 and mass batches in North America in 2013).

exporting of King Long city buses to Malta

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