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Honors and Responsibilities——King Long Perfectly Serves 2018 World Cup Russia

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Honors and Responsibilities——King Long Perfectly Serves 2018 World Cup Russia

Jun 28 , 2022

In the heavy rain,

The 2018 World Cup Russia was ended successfully.

Awarding in the rain

France won the World Cup.

With average age merely at 26,

The young France

Won the World Cup finally.

After an interval of 20 years,

France won the World Cup once again.

The astonishing 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe,

In his first World Cup tour at such young age,

Scored 4 goals.

It made people sigh with emotion that

It’s exactly the best pattern of the youth.

Feeling proud though defeated,

The golden generation Croatia

Broke through themselves and created new history.

Luka Modric, the midfield playmaker of Croatia,

Won the title of Best Player of the 2018 World Cup,

Was listed in the “Club” of World Cup Golden Ball Award.

Harry Kane, the captain and star striker of England,

Won the 2018 World Cup Golden Shoe Award with 6 goals.

“It’s the best World Cup”

The FIFA President Gianni Infantino highly appraised this World Cup.

This brilliant World Cup

Was originated from the players’

Doing their best and holding out for their dreams.

It brought about motivation and inspiration to numerous fans.

Luka Modric, the winner of Golden Ball Award,

Was once a shepherd boy.

The war destroyed his home,

But never destroyed his football dream.

Harry Kane, the winner of Golden Shoe Award,

Also created his own motivational legend.

He was rejected by renowned football clubs in succession for his small body at early youth.

Afterwards, though listed as a member of Hotspur club,

He was continuously marginalized, which brought about numerous losses and bitterness to him.

However, with unremitted fighting spirit and steady accumulation,

He soared up since the start of season 2014~2015 and

Won the Golden Shoe Award of Premier League for two consecutive years.

Good honing gives a sharp edge to a sword.

All glories and honors come from hardworking and fighting.

The brilliance of this World Cup also came from the adherence and hardworking of numerous staff home inside and outside of the football pitches.

King Long, one representative of Made-in-China, is one of the “hidden stars” contributing to the success of this World Cup. In the vital commuting support, 150 King Long buses traveled busily among the football pitches to comprehensively participate in the World Cup commuting support and intimately serve the competing teams and fans. With excellent quality and services, King Long buses led the commuting battlefield of this World Cup and renewed glory for Made-in-China buses.

England team arrives at football pitch by King Long bus.

Harry Kane, the star striker of England, gets off King Long bus with full momentum.

During the World Cup, besides serving the England team, King Long buses also served Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Tunisia teams and provided commuting services to the enthusiastic fans from around the world.

To provide a more comfortable riding experience for the completing players, the King Long service buses exported to Russia were elaborately improved. The special seat belts were applied for the seats, with longer belt length than common seat belts, and the seat belt tension could be dynamically adjusted. To adapt to the tall bodies of the competing players, the seat spacing was increased from the normal 680mm to 750mm.

Besides high comfort and high reliability, three King Long bus models for this World Cup also feature elegant appearance, becoming shining scenery outside of the football pitches.

The 2018 World Cup was already ended, but the challenges never end and the players are set off for next goal. The dream has no end and King Long will adhere to the dream of becoming a world’s first-class passenger transportation service provider and strive forward.

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