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Flexible & Efficient, Easy For Operation. King Long K06-XMQ6601 Pure Electric Mini Bus

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Flexible & Efficient, Easy For Operation. King Long K06-XMQ6601 Pure Electric Mini Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

Flexible & Efficient, Easy For Operation

King Long K06 mini bus, your worry-free transportation choice

K06 is a mini bus with 5.9 meter in length and requests B1 driving license only. Compact body enables it freely travel through the city streets and alleys. K06 mini bus features zero emission, and boasts 180 km mileages and can be extended to realize L2-L4 autonomous driving. With those multiple features, it is suitable and applicable for diversified scenarios of greener mobility such as urban transit, community travel, online bus-hailing service and customized bus.

Flexible & Efficient, Easy For Operation

K06 buses accompany you to enjoy the glamour of the city at ease. Brand new design delivers a forever stunning impression. Featuring with compact body and panoramic-view side windows, LED headlights and breathing decorative lights, it presents the city a vivid elf-like shuttle bus. While it is compact, engineers never compromise their efforts on its perfectness. Meticulous interior design, lightweight optimization, 3H high strength body structure, all to create an updated transit bus for your brand-new experience.

Panoramic-view side windows for the scenery on your way

LED headlights with decorative breathing lights to shine your way

Openable front bumper, easier for efficient maintenance

Electric sliding doors and two steps (or one-step), easy for passengers to get on and off

Pleasant Driving at Ease

K06 city bus delivers a smooth driving experience, almost the same as to that of car-driving. It can be extended to achieve L2-L4 autonomous driving, a definite pleasure to indulge yourself to enjoy the future driving technology. Its sedan-like instrument layout meticulously considers every need of drivers with many smart devices scattering around the dashboard, such as easy start, electronic parking, LCD touch screen etc.

Adjustable air-dampened driver seat to release driving fatigue

Stylish 12.3 inch full LCD instrument

Multi-function side dashboard, easier for driver to operate

LCD touch screen for intelligent driving (Optional)

Comfortable Riding

K06 offer passengers a pleasant inner room with optimized layout. Despite its compact body, it offers an inner space with 1.92 meter width and 1.98 meter height. With 13 1 seat layout, it can accommodate maximum 19 passengers. Also NVH is optimized in a bid to provide a quiet riding experience. K06 also offer humanistic care for phone addicts, such as wifi and USB chargers.

Ergonomic passenger seats, more comfortable for riding (Optional)

Standard escape door, without hassle for safety

USB charging port, more pleasant for your travel (Optional)

Ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the ceiling for safer travel (Optional)

Intelligent Operation, High Interaction

K06 mini bus can realize the interconnection among vehicle, mobile phone and management platforms so that drivers will be able to conduct operations such as real-time positioning and remote start etc. Passengers can make appointments via the mobile phone platform to conveniently enjoy travel reservations. Also, it can be extended to L2-L4 autonomous driving. With everything interconnected, operators will have more operation choice for various scenarios.

Modular design with interfaces of radar, sensors etc. for future extension to achieve L2-L4 autonomous driving

Interconnection among vehicle, mobile phone and management platforms to achieve remote control, such as quick positioning, A/C opening to cool down or warm up in advance etc.

Mobile phone reservation

Customizable Kingwing platform for megadata analysis service

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