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First Batch Export of China’s Double-Deck Buses to Kuwait King Long Completes First Overseas Order

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First Batch Export of China’s Double-Deck Buses to Kuwait King Long Completes First Overseas Order

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long completes first overseas order

On February 14, at the approach of the Chinese Spring Festival, 56 King Long double-deck buses painted in Chinese red were departed jubilantly from Xiamen port to Kuwait. This is the first batch export of China’s double-deck buses to Kuwait. In the new year, King Long buses will boost the new leapfrog progress of Kuwait’s public transportation.

First batch export of China’s double-deck buses to Kuwait

“Chinese red” buses dress up Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the world’s top 10 oil producing countries. Supported by rich petroleum and natural gas resources, Kuwait achieved rapid economic development and rich citizen life. For instance, the private car ownership rate is really high and some Kuwait citizens own 3~4 vehicles per family.

In opposite to the rich citizen economy, its public transportation system is undeveloped. At present, Kuwait has no subways and has narrow roads and poor road conditions. Its available public transport system is fragmentary with old vehicles and can’t meet the local public transportation needs no matter in quantity or quality.

“Shining” double-deck buses improve public transportation quality in Kuwait

In recent years, Kuwait government is carrying forward a series of major road construction projects, building elevated roads and broadening roads, and developing with great efforts the public transportation. Under this background, the export of 56 double-deck buses of exquisite quality and strong power to Kuwait is at the right time. These buses will provide powerful vitality and vigor to the local public transportation system to remarkably ease the traveling of citizens and greatly improve the public transportation quality.

In Saudi Arabia, King Long is the China’s bus brand of best brand awareness and reputation. According to the statistics, as of 2017, the ownership volume of King Long buses exceeds 5,000 vehicles in this market, far ahead of other bus brands, which cover high-end large buses, school buses, and public buses to comprehensively serve the daily commuting of Saudi Arabian people.

The years of market development in Middle Ease market achieved without effort this export of double-deck buses to Kuwait. The general manager of the operator purchasing this batch of buses said: “King Long boasts an excellent reputation in Middle East region. We also investigated the Saudi Arabian and other markets and we were deeply impressed by the product strength and after-services of King Long, which completely met our expectations. Therefore, King Long becomes our first choice brand for purchase of these buses”.

Quality service win customers’ appraisal

It’s reported that the operator purchasing this batch of buses is the leader among three main operators in Kuwait and owns a professional operation and maintenance team and has stringent requirements on the brand and quality of the vehicles. The buses for this order will be put into the most important operation route of Kuwait to establish benchmarking for local public bus operations. This operator attached great importance and placed great expectations on these buses. From the prototype build to the mass production, its management team, including the general manager, visited King Long plant for field investigation and inspection for 4 times in succession.

Chinese red buses build a public transportation scenery line in Kuwait

“King Long boasts rich experiences how to design and improve products in response to the tropical desert weathers in Kuwait. We can see that many designs are strongly adaptable and highly humanized.” At the offline of these buses, the management team of this operator came to China once again to perform final inspection on this batch order of vehicles. During the inspection for critical parts such as chassis, the management team approved the inspection even by single inspection and appraised the powerful strength of “Made-in-China”. Besides the outstanding quality, King Long also dispatched professionals to provide operation training for the drivers and daily maintenance training for relevant personnel to help the successful operations of double-deck buses.

Following the shuttling of these “Chinese red” buses in Kuwait, King Long completed his business layout in Middle East region. Therefore, in the seacoast of the ancient Persian Gulf, the red King Long buses will become the most shining modern public transportation scenery line.

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