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Exclusive Interview of Zhu Guoqiang, Deputy G.M. of King Long Bus

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Exclusive Interview of Zhu Guoqiang, Deputy G.M. of King Long Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

It seems that Mr. Zhu Guoqiang brought fortune to King Long Bus. Since he is in charge of the overseas sales of King Long Bus in January 2008, King Long Bus got the overseas sales of almost 1.4 billion Yuan, accounting for 25 of the total sales (only 15% in 2007).

Mr. Zhu Guoqiang, Deputy General Manager of King Long Bus

Even in 2009 (global economic depression), King Long Bus still made overseas sales income of over 1.2 billion, becoming top 1 in the industry for exporting. In 2010, Mr. Zhu took over the domestic market business and is responsible for the overall marketing of King Long Bus. As of this July, the company sells 12,720 buses and coaches, year-on-year growth 88.9% and gets the sales amount of 3.373 billion Yuan, year-on-year growth of 50.5%. In domestic market, it sells 8,972 units, year-on-year growth of 52.8% with much higher growth speed than the average level in the industry.

Mr. Zhu showed modestly that the quick pick-up of King Long business mainly contributed to the consistent recovery of the Macro-economic situation and overall volume of bus market when mentioned good fortune he made for King Long Bus. He also illustrated his opinions about the change.

Marketing Concept Change:

Mr. Zhu believed the real factor that made influence on customers¡¯ choice was the products and service, not only relationship marketing. Meanwhile, science and innovation is the key point for the transformation of marketing concept.

Product Change:

It is introduced that King Long Bus plans to invest about 200 million Yuan to improve infrastructure. He said ¡°We should make more effort on product quality. Actually there is big disparity between China buses and European buses.¡± In addition, the optimized orientation of products and reasonable products upgrading are important.

Market Change:

Mr. Zhu reflected that ¡°China bus builders just made preliminary steps for the opening of overseas market. Both effort and fortune are necessary. While the domestic competition is fierce and each market share we won replies on strategy and capability of the company.¡± Endeavor in extending new market segment is effective for King Long Bus. For example, it launched new suburb bus XMQ6120C for transport between city and suburb, which meet the actual demand of extending tend of city transport routes. This model is popular and it sold more than 400 units in the first half of this year.

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