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ECO High-End Manufacturing Cutting-Edge Technology ——King Long Exhibit at 2017 Busworld Kortrijk

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ECO High-End Manufacturing Cutting-Edge Technology ——King Long Exhibit at 2017 Busworld Kortrijk

Jun 28 , 2022

From October 20 to October 25, the 24th Busworld Kortrijk, the biennial super event in the world’s bus industry will be held in Kortrijk Exhibition Center, Belgium. It is the world’s biggest and oldest professional bus exhibition, with history of more than 40 years. This exhibition will attract great number of exhibitors as always. More than 400 manufacturers, including Benz (Setra), Man (Neoplan), and Volvo, will exhibit their latest products and technologies.

As the first Chinese bus manufacturer for this exhibition, King Long will bring the theme of “ECO for better move”, and ceremoniously exhibit Longwei II C13HD large bus, all-new upgraded C9 medium bus, 18m BRT, and APE14 14m pure-electric shuttle bus. Also, King Long will debut the Chinese hydrogen fuel cell bus by VR technology in the world’s stage to demonstrate the R&D and manufacture strength of Chinese high-end buses and new energy buses to the world.

The King Long’s ECO theme denotes “Environmental friendly”, “Craftsmanship”, and “Originality”.

Environmental friendly: Inherent brand mission

From the theme of “ECO for better move” to the arrangement of blue-green exhibition booth, as well as the exhibition vehicles powered by Euro-VI engine, pure-electric shuttle buses and hydrogen fuel buses, King Long’s booth shows a fresh and natural atmosphere in all respects. Creating environmental-friendly public transit products is King Long’s inherent brand mission. Whether it is traditional fuel bus or the new energy bus, King Long always keeps in step with the world’s advanced standards and bus technology development trend, leading the upgrade and technological progress of Chinese bus products.

On traditional fuel bus products, energy-saving technologies, including engine optimization, engine compartment thermal management, and body wind tunnel test, are developed and applied to improve environmental-friendly performance of the vehicles. For example, Longwei II, the exhibit bus, is equipped with all-new Euro-VI engine and accurately calibrated chassis based on King Long wisdom big data cloud service platform in combination with actual vehicle weight, axle load distribution, and etc. All these energy-saving technologies improve vehicle adaptability under diversified environments. In addition, all-new appearance modeling, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) multi-round simulation optimization analysis and wind tunnel test are applied to achieve better streamline form and fuel economy.

On the other hand, as the pioneer for R&D of energy-saving and new energy buses, King Long continuously launches independent R&D results and integrated solutions. With 17-year new energy bus R&D and promotion experiences, King Long launched a series of independent products and new energy technologies. At Busworld in 2015, King Long exhibited a plug-in hybrid bus E12, demonstrated its achievement on new energy electronic control system, and implemented strategic cooperation with global new energy top-class suppliers. At this Busworld, King Long exhibits the pure-electric shuttle bus APE14 applied with multiple industry leading technologies, including wheel hub drive, gives China’s hydrogen fuel bus debut in the world’s top stage by means of VR technology,; also manifests the resolution of China’s new energy buses to lead environmental-friendly trend in both European and global markets.

Craftsmanship: Craftsmanship outshines at Busworld

Through nearly 20 years of overseas market exploitation, China has become a world’s major bus manufacturing country and is heading towards “Made-in-China Quality” and “Made-in-China Wisdom”. Good quality and brand reputation have gained the worldwide recognition, including the developed markets. Four King Long’s high-quality products exhibited at this Busworld are the representatives of made-in-China craftsmanship.

10 years ago, King Long independently designed the high-end bus Longwei I and introduced stringent international certification standard and comprehensive quality management system into whole R&D and manufacturing process, initiating the age of China’s independent high-end buses. Through 10 years accumulation, as a high-end product benchmarking the world’s first-class bus, Longwei II is elaborately forged from every process of craftsmanship "Specialty in every detail” to create a new benchmark of China’s high-end bus manufacturing and a new representative of craftsmanship manufacturing.

The high-end quality and the craftsmanship manufacturing are originated from the continuous improvement of technology and workmanship. In recent years, King Long continuously increases the capital investment to improve core technology and workmanship. The application of vehicle cathode electrophoresis and bus test center improved product reliability. The high-end production line improved the adaptability of high-end products exported to EU and Asia-Pacific markets in terms of technology, purchasing, and production. The usage of world famous intelligent equipment remarkably increases the productivity.

It’s worthy to mention that, under the background of Industry 4.0, King Long is proactively exploring in-depth integration between informationization and industrialization and is stepping on the development stage of intelligent manufacturing. Since 2009, King Long started the research of bus intelligence and bus networking technologies and afterwards took the lead in launching the China’s industry leading “King Long Bus Networking Platform” and achieved extensive application. All relevant technology and products were accredited by the standards of Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Communications, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. In 2016, King Long established the intelligent bus networking development plan, focusing on the comprehensive intelligent transport operation solutions, including intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transport, and automatic drive, added technology elements to craftsmanship. This year, King Long partnered with, the China’s internet magnate, to jointly develop the automatic drive, which is a vigorous evidence for King Long’s transformation towards “Made-in-China wisdom”.

Originality: Be faithful to original professional aspiration and continue marching forward innovatively

As a uprising star in world’s bus industry, China’s bus industry has developed rapidly and achieved the “corner overtaking”, which is attributed to a certain extent to the fact that the China’s bus industry maintained the independence and originality of technology innovations and R&D during the absorption and learn from the world’s advanced technologies and experiences.

Ever since its founding, King Long adheres to independent R&D. With a series of independent innovations, including the first independently designed high-end coach bus, the first low-floor public city bus, the pioneered run-through luggage rack, and the initiative launch of bus networking platform, King Long has grown into a China’s leading bus brand and a world’s main bus brand. In the data age, the innovative construction of modular, platform, and whole-process DMD (Digital Management Design) data R&D mode is a portrait of King Long’s independent R&D. At present, King Long has applied the modular, platform, and whole-process DMD development mode on the road buses, public transit buses, and school buses, thus remarkably reduced the R&D and manufacturing cost, realized high harmony of vehicles, improved operation efficiency.

In terms of product design, King Long introduces industrial design concept and integrates brand elements to build a vivid family product modeling style. As a classic product of King Long, Longwei represented the modeling design summit of the domestic buses at that age. The users are deeply impressed by the concise and mighty vehicle curves, the vivid front face proportional relation, the symbolized side wall partitions, the concise and integral rear wall, and the main feature of illuminated K-shaped part, which is kindly called “Golden Belt” by the public. The classic 5 series large bus, C9 series medium bus, and City Lights series public city bus also deeply impressed the users and established unique product image with their characteristic modeling.

Busworld is a wind indicator for the development of world’s bus industry. Through this exhibition, we found that the environmental-friendliness is becoming the new momentum for the development of world’s bus industry. Under the background of the upgrade to world’s “Industry 4.0”, the bus industry is proactively transforming towards the “Made- wisdom”. We believe that the China’s buses, which advocate environmental-friendliness, continuous innovation, and craftsmanship, will become a leader in the new age and explore a new territory for China’s national bus industry in the world.

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