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E12 – Welcome to the Eco-friendly Era

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E12 – Welcome to the Eco-friendly Era

Jun 28 , 2022


Concise, Simple lines of the front wall combine perfectly with windshield, making a more open view. Side placement of engine together with three swing double doors make it possible to adopt low floor design and offer quick boarding & alighting experience. Maximum utilization of inner space may greatly alleviate the urban traffic pressure.


l Electric power-assisted steering technology: to ensure engine idle shut-down, and more energy-saving than the conventional steering.

l Idle shut-down technology: improves the vehicle’s non-functional consumption when entering a bus station or during heavy traffic conditions, to ensure the engine shut down to save energy in the pure electric mode.


Ø To improve the overall power performance of the vehicle

Ø To achieve more than 40% of the fuel saving rate even without the plug-in (Proven and Tester)

Ø Reduces the possibility of early engine start

Ø Supplementary optimized electric power steering and idle shut-down function and further improve the fuel saving rate.

Ø Support DC or AC 380 battery charge


Seats with rational arrangement achieve a maximized riding and sitting space, while the detachable integrated air duct and camber line mid roof design makes the overall layout to be more aesthetically pleasing.

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