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Crossing time and space, debuting at the center stage, Q&A on those King Long MTV technologies you care most about!

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Crossing time and space, debuting at the center stage, Q&A on those King Long MTV technologies you care most about!

Nov 01 , 2022

Technology · Green · Future

King Long MTV integrated vehicle technology

Self-reliance and self-improvement in technology   

Self-research and self-build in holistic production

Crossing time and space, debuting at the center stage


1. What is MTV?

MTV, known as Module To Vehicle, is a technology that integrates power battery modules, air conditioners, thermal management units and other vehicle components with the vehicle based on modular thinking. The technical solution eliminates the traditional battery pack and air conditioning and other components of the shell and some parts, and realizes the sealing and safety protection of the power battery, air conditioning and other components by the whole vehicle, which is a leap-forward innovation in the system integration technology of electric buses.

2. How good is the MTV technology?

Compared with the existing ordinary models, King Long MTV version with MTV technology features high specific energy, high integration, high protection and high efficiency.

High specific energy: Using the latest lithium iron phosphate high energy density customized battery module, the battery system energy density reaches 175wh/kg, the bulk density reaches 305wh/L, and the grouping efficiency exceeds 90%.


High integration: The first integrated roof structure, which deeply integrates the battery module, air conditioning system components with the vehicle roof, eliminating the battery PACK shell, connectors, air conditioning shell and other parts, reducing the number of parts and lowering the failure rate. Compared with the traditional standard box arrangement scheme, the space utilization of the roof of the whole vehicle is increased by 45%, weight reduction is more than 200kg, and the rigidity of the roof is increased by 10%. Meanwhile, the overall appearance is strong, easy to maintain and clean, and more beautiful.

High protection: Full top-mounted battery for all-round water protection for the whole vehicle; battery whole life cycle safety monitoring, you can monitor the battery safety status even when parked; cloud-based battery safety diagnosis, accurately portraying the health of the battery system from a number of parameters in multiple dimensions through cloud-based big data, detecting hidden problems such as battery imbalance, aging and short circuit.

High efficiency: The first integrated technology for multiple thermal management in the industry: the battery module is water-cooled on three sides and the roof is integrated with a low-temperature heat pump air conditioner, combining water-cooling of the battery with air-cooling of the air conditioner, while the roof is well sealed and the battery is well insulated to improve thermal management efficiency. The battery and air conditioning are modularly integrated in the roof, making production and assembly more efficient.

3. Does MTV technology have any impact on the battery configuration of the whole vehicle?

Compared to the traditional standard box arrangement, MTV technology is more integrated and improves the space utilisation of the vehicle by more than 45%, allowing for more power to be placed in the same space and providing a longer driving range. At the same time, MTV technology adopts a modular solution, which allows for flexible increase and decrease of the number of battery modules, as well as changing the size of the top battery compartment according to space requirements, and a variety of battery cells and module types are available to meet the different power mileage requirements of various models.

4. Which models are MTV technology compatible with?

MTV technology has been adapted to the full range of King Long buses, while adaptations for road models and medium and heavy trucks are being developed and will be applied to these models in the future.

5. What difference will MTV technology bring to passengers when used on buses?

With the integration of the battery overhead and the roof, the below-floor components of the vehicle have been reduced significantly, resulting in a lower and flatter floor.The immediate impression of the passengers is that there is more space in the carriage, with a 10-metre class car having the space of a 12-metre car. the fully flat floor and first class boarding make it safer and smoother for passengers to get on and off the train and to move around the carriage. The fully flat floor and first step boarding make it safer and easier for passengers to get on and off the vehicle and to move around the cabin which won't get overcrowded.


6. Does MTV technology affect the after-sales maintenance of the whole vehicle?

MTV technology eliminates many of the original components, shortens the connection harness, reduces the number of fault points and lowers the failure rate of the vehicle. In addition, by centralising the battery and other components, after-sales service can be more efficient in locating the problem and dealing with the failure, thus improving the efficiency of after-sales service.

MTV integrated vehicle technology

Developing both in scope and in depth   

Breaking new ground and leading the trend

King Long's forward-looking technology demonstrates strong strength

Driving new energy into the 4.0 era

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