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China - Central Asia Summit Grandly Held | China's Intelligent Manufacturing Boosts Central Asia's Development

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China - Central Asia Summit Grandly Held | China's Intelligent Manufacturing Boosts Central Asia's Development

Jun 06 , 2023

On May 18-19, the China-Central Asia Summit was held in Xi'an, China. The presidents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were invited to attend. This is China's first major domestic diplomatic event this year, and the first time of face-to-face summit between the leaders of the six countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations. This summit is a milestone in the history of China's relations with Central Asian countries, and will draw a new blueprint for China-Central Asia relations and open up a new era of cooperation between the two sides.

Central Asia is the first place to launch the Belt and Road Initiative and also the benchmark of connectivity. For the past 10 years, China and Central Asian countries have harvested fruitful achievements in the high quality construction of " Belt and Road ". As a leading enterprise in China's bus industry, King Long has actively responded to the national Belt and Road Initiative, carried out extensive cooperation with Central Asian countries, and provided local people with high-quality, high-efficiency and safe products and services.

As early as 2000, King Long embarked on the path of overseas marketing. In 2003, 82 units of King Long buses were shipped from Shanghai Port to Malta, setting the milestone of China's first bus export to Europe; then in 2005, King Long buses were the first to pass the British VCA certification, obtaining the "gate pass" to enter the EU market. After nearly two decades of deep cultivation in overseas markets, King Long has become a world-renowned independent Chinese bus brand, laying a good foundation for deepening overseas markets.

In April this year, the first batch of 200 units of King Long 18m CNG city buses arrived in Uzbekistan, one of the five countries in Central Asia, which is the largest BRT order delivered to countries along the Belt and Road since the beginning of 2023. Although it is the first time that its BRT is exported to Uzbekistan, King Long has nearly 15 years of deep friendship and solid cooperation with Uzbekistan.

King Long has not only brought new vitality to urban transportation, tourism and public services in Central Asian countries, but has also made positive contributions to local economic and social development and people's welfare.

In addition to the five countries in Central Asia, King Long has exported to 115 countries and regions along the Belt and Road with an export volume of over 120,000 units, becoming a Chinese enterprise with a muture layout in countries along the Belt and Road.

In May last year, as the local epidemic situation has taken a turn for the better, the demand for Hajj coaches in Saudi Arabia began to rise, and 100 units of luxury coaches of King Long were loaded at Xiamen and set sail for Saudi Arabia, which was also the first batch of orders from the bus industry for export to Saudi Arabia in 2022. With consistently excellent quality, King Long has become a highly respected Chinese bus brand in the Saudi Hajj market.

In July 2022, the local bus company in Cyprus decided to renew its fleet in order to meet the modern travel needs of the residents. The local bus company, which has always trusted King Long, once again firmly chose King Long as its partner. In 2023, 150 units of King Long buses set sail from Xiamen to Cyprus, which is another batch order from Cyprus after the export in 2020, showing the strength and influence of the Chinese bus brand.

After the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, King Long has actively responded to the national call, the principle of comprehensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, carried forward the Silk Road culture, established friendship ties and built a good model of cooperation with Belt and Road countries and regions. In the future, King Long will continue to take the development of science and technology as the guide and innovation as the engine, shift from "Made in China" to "Intelligently Manufactured in China", bring products with excellent performance, diversified types and perfect after-sales service to the international market, build a new brand image for Chinese buses, and contribute to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road.

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