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China Brand Day: King Long Boosts China Indigenous Brand Expo

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China Brand Day: King Long Boosts China Indigenous Brand Expo

Jun 28 , 2022

In the morning of May 10, the first China Indigenous Brand Expo was opened grandly in Shanghai and at the same time the China Brand logo was released. The China brand construction and strategy unveiled a new course on the second “China Brand Day”. From the perspective of social meaning, the brand represents the economic essence and value of one country. In the current stage, the brand construction is of great significance in the China economic development. The holding of this Self-owned Brand Expo demonstrated the China resolution and move to build a powerful brand nation. In the auto field, as a representative of China Self-owned bus brands, King Long realized the transformation from nothing to something and from excellence to brilliance through 30-year brand construction and became a renowned China brand both home and abroad. Under the current age when the China is becoming a powerful bus manufacturing nation, King Long is proactively exploring the transformation towards the “Intelligent Manufacturing” to boost the realization of a powerful bus manufacturing nation for China.

Sticking to original mission

Undertaking China’s national auto brand flag

At the beginning of the founding in which age the joint venture was a popular trend in the industry, King Long acted against the trend, started from the China national situation, determinedly initiated the independent innovation course, and was determined to build a national bus brand. After the founding in 1988, with the release of a series of products designed and developed independently based on the China national situation and the application of multiple China innovative leading technologies on the products, King Long rapidly opened the market and created numerous miracles in the China bus industry.

A series of products designed and developed independently based on China national situation leads the rapid growth of King Long.

From 1997 to 2001, King Long continuously maintained the 100% growth of production volume, accelerated the seizure of bus market share, and was ranked the first place in the sales ranking for 3 years consecutively. In 2000, the 10,000th King Long bus was manufactured. In 2001, King Long became the first domestic bus brand serving in large batch the large international conventions, including NPC & CPPCC. Afterwards, King Long participated in major events for multiple times as the identity of “State Guest” bus and gained the reputation of “National Bus” with outstanding guarantee, becoming a China bus brand deeply favored by Chinese people.

Innovative progress

Forging brand advantages with core technologies and quality

Through the 30-year development, King Long always insisted on the forging of independent brand core competitiveness with technologic innovations and quality adherence and developed from a small plant to a world’s renowned bus manufacturer.

Looking back to the 30-year innovation history, King Long created numerous China first records to remarkably boost the promotion of China bus manufacturing capability. Throughout 30 years, King Long owned approximately 300 patented technologies in terms of the new technology R&D and application and truly became a China’s bus manufacturer with complete vehicle core technologies and Self-owned intellectual property rights. On the basis of technologic innovations, King Long developed a series of market demand oriented products to lead the development trend of bus products. Released in 2017, the masterpiece product “Longwin” was popular in both domestic and overseas markets for 10 years, with the sales volume in excess of 10,000 vehicles, becoming a classic product in China’s bus industry. In 2017, through 10-year accumulation, Longwin II was released ceremoniously to boost the China high-end bus manufacturing once again.

“National Bus” serves NPC & CPPCC to manifest national brand demeanor

While taking the innovative technologies as core competitiveness, King Long people forged the benchmarking of “Made-in-China Quality” with craftsmanship: King Long served NPC & CPPCC continuously for 18 years and maintained “Zero-malfunction” commuting record; The classic bus XMQ6115 created >2,400,000km overhaul-free record; King Long buses won the appraisal with high quality and outstanding services in both snowy cold regions and hot desert regions. The legends were backed by the King Long pursuit towards the leading manufacturing processes and stringent inspection criteria. Meanwhile, King Long inherited the craftsmanship spirit to pay full strength to every detail and forge “Made-in-China Quality" with ultimate craftsmanship.

Going abroad

Forging a golden China bus brand

King Long also took the lead to go abroad and compete with mainstream brands in the international market and continuously outputted high quality made-in-China products to promote the value and influence of China bus brands.

In 2001, King Long exported the flagship buses in batch to Iraq, symbolizing the true start of export of domestic brand luxury buses. In 2003, King Long exported the public buses in batch to Malta, becoming the China first bus manufacturer exporting buses to the birthplace of bus industry. While marching into the European market, King Long also exhibited at Busworld Kortrijk and the Hannover Auto Show as representative of China bus industry for the first time and continuously exhibited at two above-mentioned most important global bus exhibitions for many times. From the competition and accumulation in the developed markets, King Long absorbed the world’s advanced bus manufacturing technologies and concepts to inject power gene into China bus industry.

Going abroad and injecting power gene into China bus industry

Throughout 18-year exploration in the world, King Long has exported more than 80,000 buses to more than 130 countries and regions worldwide to provide precious experiences to the national industry for competition against world’s brands and has become the China bus brand of largest export scale and most extensive layout. In Thailand and Russia, King Long buses are accompanying numerous tourists for sightseeing of beautiful scenery. In Saudi Arabia, King Long buses of Chinese style have been deeply merged into traveling belief of local people. In Egypt, the King Long buses are traveling unremittingly as the business partners of Egypt. In Bolivia and Costa Rica in South America, King Long buses remarkably improve the traveling quality for local people… From public buses and touring buses to school buses, King Long offers the traveling solutions for the most public people in every city to merge into the global public transportation with excellent products and services.

Intelligent technologies

Initiating new future brand course

In the industry 4.0 age, the made-in-China is transforming towards the “Intelligently Made-in-China” to drive the in-depth integration of internet, macro-data, artificial intelligence, and substantial economy. Under the background, King Long seized the significant opportunity of the new round of technologic and industrial revolution to proactively explore the transformation of “Intelligently Made-in-China” with technologic innovations as essential power and value.

In 2012, King Long took the lead to launch the industry’s leading “King Long Bus Networking Platform”. Afterwards, King Long continuously took the lead to experiment and act on the “Networking Manufacturing industry” course, with the informationalization-industrialization integration performance gained state-level recognition. In addition, King Long also enhanced the “Networking ” steps and partnered with domestic internet giant Baidu to jointly develop autonomous driving commercial vehicle. Apolong, the China first L4 autonomous driving bus jointly developed by two parties, continuously laid new milestones for the “Intelligently Made-in-China” buses and drive the brilliant transformation of China bus manufacturing industry towards “Intelligently Made-in-China” with advanced autonomous driving technology and powerful manufacturing capability.

Initiating new “Intelligently Made-in-China” age for China bus industry and demonstrating the leading strength of national brands

New energy will be the mainstream development direction of vehicles. With nearly 20-year new energy vehicle R&D and application accumulation, King Long brings the green and environmental-friendly concept to every market segment to create more blue sky for the cities.

After the year one of brand development and grow-up, China brands are now facing with great opportunities to embrace a golden development age. Under the historic opportunity in which the brand construction is elevated to the national strategy, King Long will hold high the independent innovation flag and march forward with great steps to drive the comprehensive upgrade of China bus manufacturing industry and forge the powerful nation dream of China bus brands.

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