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Breaking News Review of King Long in 2017

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Breaking News Review of King Long in 2017

Jun 28 , 2022

As the year 2017 has passed, King Long will accompany you on the course of fresh 2018. Now, let’s have a breaking news review of King Long in 2017.

10-Year Arduousness Proves the “High-End Brand” - Longwin II Unveiled in Beijing

As a future-oriented bus model, Longwin II embodies the technology featured “Made in China” and intelligent manufacturing, enhances the quality of automobile and boosts confidence of the industry. It is the crystallization yielded through 10 years’ hardship of King Long, moreover, marks the ambition and sense of responsibility of a China bus brand to rank in the global high-end manufacturing.

Demonstrate the Strength and Prepare for the Future - New Energy Products of King Long Displayed in 2017 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components

On May 24-26, 2017,two new energy products of King Long were displayed in 2017 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components, and awarded with three grand prizes. Since the R & D of new energy bus was launched in 2003, King Long has unswervingly practiced the concept of environmental protection, successively creating the eco-friendly “Green-oriented Legion” and various intelligent management systems for safety. The three grand prizes manifest the environmental protection power and R & D strength of King Long once again.

Appreciate China Power which Advances with the World - Escort the BRICS Summit

On September 3-5, 2017, the ninth BRICS Summit was held in Xiamen, driving the large ship of BRICS from “Xiamen” to head for the next golden decade.

During the summit, King Long has supplied 233 buses involving the New 5 Series XMQ6105AY, Kingo and Kingte to serve the airport reception for delegations of participating head of state and provide commuter service for official and commercial business during the summit. King Long, crowned as “National Bus” has again demonstrated its duty and responsibility for serving world-class grand meetings with the golden product and service.

Advanced Technology Creates a Blue Sky - “King Long Blue” Steps into 2.0 Era

At the end of 2016, “King Long Blue” has been officially released to manifest the original intention and responsibility of King Long for creating a blue future for the masses.

In 2017, King Long has consistently explored, advanced and realized self-breakthrough in multiple domains including new energy, Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving. With the reverence and pursuit for technology, King Long has insisted on its original intention of environmental protection, so as to safeguard the blue sky for more cities.

ECO For Better Move

King Long once again Made Its Appearance in BusWorld Kortrijk

On October 20-25, 2017, King Long has once again made its appearance in BusWorld Kortrijk.

In this exhibition, taking “ECO for Better Move” as the theme, King Long has displayed Longwin II Series C13HD, Minibus C9, 18-meter BRT bus and 14-meter electric shuttle bus APE14, as well as completed the debut of China’s hydrogen fuel-cell bus on international stage in VR.
As China’s first bus corporation participating in the BusWorld Kortrijk, King Long, with its super products, explained the ECO spirit - Environmental friendly, Craftsmanship and Originality, and displayed the efforts and strength of China in researching, developing and manufacturing high-end bus and new energy bus to the world.

A Small Step of Autonomous driving Brings a Tremendous Advancement of Public Transport - the First Commercial Unmanned Microcirculation Bus Apollong Released

In the Baidu World Congress held on November 16, 2017, the second-generation unmanned microcirculation bus Apollong, which was jointly developed by King Long and Baidu, has been grandly released. The appearance of Apollong marks the small step of commercialization of autonomous driving, moreover, a tremendous revolutionary advancement of public transport. As King Long is furthering cooperation with Baidu Apollo, public transport will witness its new leap in the Era of Industry 4.0.

Transformation and Harvest - Brand Value of King Long Exceeded RMB 30 Billion

In accordance with the analysis report of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands issued on June 22, 2017, the brand value of King Long has exceeded RMB 30 billion, reaching RMB 30.645 billion.
We owe this to support and trust of numerous clients and passengers across the world,
and all this will become the source of inexhaustible impetus for King Long to make unremitting efforts and demonstrate its responsibility in 2018, which marks its 30th anniversary!

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