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Brand Propels King Long to Advance Overseas

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Brand Propels King Long to Advance Overseas

Jun 28 , 2022
Total amount of export in 2000 was RMB 600 million Yuan, 0.768 billion Yuan in 2007, 1.4 billion Yuan in 2008, 1.2 billion Yuan in 2009 and in 2010, over 1 billion Yuan from January to June in 2011, year-on-year rises of 100%, and predicted total amount would be 1.8 billion Yuan of the whole year. All the figures represent the success of King Long overseas within 10 years and make King Long the top export enterprise in buses industry. Why is King Long so successful overseas? Why is King Long well recognized by foreign customers?

“China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” for Consecutive 8 Years, “King Long” is World-renowned

“China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” list is made by one of the five brand value assessment agencies WBL and WEF on financial analysis, customer behavior analysis and brand strength analysis, with extensive influence in the world. From the first-time list in 2004, King Long got accepted for consecutive 8 years and the brand value increased year by year. Brand value was RMB 4.908 billion Yuan in 2004, 5.036 billion Yuan in 2005, 6.213 billion Yuan in 2006, 7.736 billion Yuan in 2009, 8.416 billion Yuan in 2010 and 10.158 billion Yuan in 2011. Within 8 years, the brand value of “King Long” increased 5 billion Yuan and growth amplitude was 106%, ranking No.1 in buses industry.

President of WBL, winner of the Nobel Economics Prize, professor Robert Mundell said: “Brand is a world language for communication, national card as well.” King Long, as a card of China bus manufacturing industry, takes the lead in reputation and brand influence in China’s bus industry, especially in west Europe, Australia, Middle-east, Africa and South America.

With Tremendous Brand, King Long Rivals World-class Brands

As high added value, brand propels China bus export from low to high added value. King Long, which developed international market in 2000, realized that “Made in China” would never flourish merely with “Low Price” in international market and the only way would be to build international image and enhance international influence.

Deputy general manager of King Long XU, Xiangdong said, nowadays China bus enterprises were confronted with “brand competition” and it’s important for every enterprise to build international image and enhance the influence. Therefore, keeping a close eye on overseas high-end market, King Long competed with Benz and Volvo in the market and achieved initial success, cooperation with ARRIVA as the best proof. On April 2nd, King Long defeated Benz and Volvo to gain 174 luxurious buses order from Malta, which was not only the largest order from EU market, more importantly, started the direct talk with European high-end transport service providers.

Except product innovation for local service improvement according to market characteristics and customer requirements in different regions, King Long gains continuous overseas orders due to good brand reputation. Up to now, King Long has exported over 1500 units to 12 EU countries, as A.S. Roma buses in Italy and big supplier in France and England. We are expecting a brighter future of King Long in overseas market.

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