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Accelerating digital transformation, King Long embraces new era of intelligent transport

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Accelerating digital transformation, King Long embraces new era of intelligent transport

Apr 13 , 2023


Opening a new era of 5G intelligent network-connected public transport

5G intelligent network-connected city bus - the light of the smart city

With the mission of "building a beautiful travel community", King Long is committed to R&D and investment in key areas such as intelligent network connection, autonomous driving, vehicle-road coordination and 5G applications, and through the deep integration of Industry-University-Research, it eventually created safe, comfortable and efficient intelligent transportation solutions - Smart City Light.


Smart City Light takes full advantage of 5G's high-speed, low-latency, efficient and reliable connection characteristics to integrate sensors, vehicle intelligent terminals, road intelligent devices and cloud computing units throughout the body to achieve human-vehicle collaboration, vehicle-road collaboration and vehicle-vehicle collaboration for group intelligent collaborative control based on 5GV2X technology for all-time dynamic traffic information collection and fusion, solving open and complex traffic control problems and building a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly urban intelligent transportation ecosystem.


November 2021

King Long Digital Factory officially launched

Establishing an open source and co-creation cooperation model

In addition to the internal digital transformation, King Long has also successfully built King Long Digital Factory, which is based on the "four new" strategies of new positioning, new mode, new momentum and new pattern, and achieves "manufacturing as a service", open source co-creation without any limit, and empowers the digital transformation strategy of the company in management, production and operation, and information promotion.


King Long Digital Factory pioneered C2M visualization customization based on 3D intelligent point selection, and consumers can realize visual configuration selection through the vehicle purchase platform. It provides consumers with a mature and comprehensive product digital operation solution, and creates an open, shared and economic industrial cooperation ecological cluster.


November 2021

Smart GO intelligent transport solution released

Committed to a comprehensive intelligent travel ecology

King Long Smart GO Intelligent Transportation Solution combines three wisdoms of "all elements, all scenes and all ecology" and seven modules of "smart vehicles, smart roads, smart stations, smart stations, smart operations, smart cloud control and smart ride-hailing". The organic combination of intelligent transport solutions has driven a comprehensive leap forward in user experience, creating a safer, more convenient, efficient and intelligent travel experience beyond passenger experiences.

Under the background of 5G and intelligent transportation, King Long leads the bus industry trend with innovation, lays a solid foundation for digital transformation, and continues to change and develop with the vision of becoming an intelligent transportation system solution provider. In the future, King Long will be guided by the mission of building a beautiful travel community, and make the era of intelligent transportation from dream to reality.


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