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80.979 Billion! King Long Achieved a Double Breakthrough in the World Brand Summit

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80.979 Billion! King Long Achieved a Double Breakthrough in the World Brand Summit

Jul 05 , 2023

On June 15, the 20th World Brand Summit was held in Beijing, and the 2022 China's 500 Most Valuable Brands ranking was released, in which King Long ranked 114th with a brand value of 80.979 billion yuan, up 17.88% year on year, demonstrating the brand's strong influence.

 Brand Strength, Authoritative Recognition


The China's Most Valuable Brands is a ranking list published by World Brand Lab based on the data obtained from the financial analysis, consumer behavior analysis and brand strength analysis of Chinese companies. King Long has been on the list for 20 consecutive years, demonstrating its comprehensive strength to the world.


This year's World Brand Summit explores the theme of "Global Branding in the Age of AI and Web 3.0: Pushing the Boundaries". As a leading brand in the bus industry, King Long has already anticipated the industry trend of "AI + bus" and developed China's first commercial-level autonomous bus - Apolong. As the product of combining new energy and the Internet, Apolong is currently the autonomous vehicle with the highest level of automation in China, whose release indicates the future transformation of the automobile industry to intelligence and promotes the development of energy digitalization and intelligence in the future.


Maintaining the original intention, connecting with the world


With the support of national policies and the wave of innovation and technology, King Long has consolidated both the domestic and overseas markets. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, which has greatly enhanced China's openness to the outside world and established economic and trade cooperation with more countries and regions.


While times change, the original intention remains the same. "Building a beautiful travel community" is the concept and goal that King Long has insisted on. In recent years, the new energy products launched by King Long have been widely used in many cities, contributing to the power of King Long for better travel experience. King Long will continue to embrace the world with "Chinese creation" and let the international recognize the Chinese brand again.


As a leader in the bus industry, King Long takes the initiative to pursue innovation, and implements the mission of "national bus" with technology as its guide, and moves steadily toward the goal of "becoming a provider of intelligent transportation system solution", to create a more convenient, healthy and intelligent travel and pan-travel mode, to bring a better travel experience to the public and let the world see the new style of China's intelligent manufacturing.


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