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2018 Overseas Marketing Working Conference Held Successfully

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2018 Overseas Marketing Working Conference Held Successfully

Jun 28 , 2022

The Year of the Dog comes after the Year of the Rooster. On February 2, the 2018 Overseas Marketing Working Conference was held in the multifunctional hall of the King Long building E. Themed by “Casting Dream and Burning Passion for Extraordinary 2018", this conference reviewed and summarized the works in 2017 and described the overseas sales blueprint for 2018. King Long’s top management, including the Party Secretary and General Manager Zhang Bin and the Executive Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangming, the staff of overseas marketing system, and the leaders of relevant departments attended this conference.

In the past year, the world’s economy recovered slowly on the whole, the foreign trade faced disadvantages, and the overseas bus market turned to depression gradually. Under such difficult background, King Long still marched forward. In 2017, King Long totally exported 8,058 vehicles, ranked the first place in the industry, and achieved sales revenue of approximately RMB 1.62 billion, ranked the second place in the industry. In addition, King Long gained breakthroughs and numerous achievements in multiple key markets, including Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Philippines, Russia, and Spain.

Executive Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangming delivers opening speech

At this conference, the Executive Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangming delivered the opening speech. Firstly, on behalf of King Long’s top management, he appreciated the overseas marketing system for the overseas marketing efforts in the past year. While affirming the performances of overseas markets, he pointed out other operation highlights in 2017. Both sales volume and sales revenue of domestic light buses achieved growth. The large order of 1,000 large and medium buses from “Fujian Electrification Project” deepened the expansion in new energy market. The accumulation of unmanned driving technology and the progress of intelligent manufacturing projects continuously promoted the King Long’s technologic and manufacturing capability. The recognized services in BRICS Summit and the steady increasing of brand value proved the sustained growth of soft and hard strengths. Facing the fluctuation of international trading and the fierce competition in overseas market, he emphasized that the “Expanding Market” was always the key of King Long and the “Enhancing Innovation”, “Establishing Craftsmanship”, and “Boosting Transformation” were intended to support sales. It’s expected that the sales personnel could reasonably allocate and utilize the available resources, seize opportunities proactively, continuously innovate marketing mode, and boost the business growth. “Human effort is the decisive factor.” In the end, he wished everyone fight bravely with hope to realize overpassing.

Overseas Marketing Director Xie Weiguo delivers speech

Overseas Marketing Deputy Director Ding Mingbin delivers overseas marketing system work report

Overseas Marketing Deputy Director Ding Mingbin delivered overseas marketing system work report. In the report, he analyzed in details the industry environment and competition status of overseas marketing, reviewed in details the business operation status of large/medium buses and light buses for all regions in 2017, and released the 2018 overseas marketing scheme. To realize the overseas marketing system sales objective of RMB 2.068 billion in 2018, he pointed outer that the overseas marketing system should take effective measures in the fields of network development and management, core customer management, after-service promotion, team management, daily work promotion, and risk control to form a health and sustainable optimum market. In the end, facing the opportunities and challenges in 2018, Ding Mingbin called upon all overseas marketing colleagues to forge dream, burn passion, affirm confidence, and come down to earth to successfully achieve the goal.

Overseas Marketing Director Xie Weiguo firstly affirmed the industry’s leading position of King Long export business and faced up to the present fierce competition environment in his speech. Then, he deployed the key works of overseas marketing system in 2018. In 2018, the overseas marketing would face the advantages, including the improved foreign currency earnings of target markets from the world’s economic recovery and the recovery price rise of bulk commodities and the continuous deepening of China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy, and the disadvantages of unstable market and fierce competition. Therefore, the business development should play the available advantages, exploit market potentials, exert the maximum business value of available products and resources, expand excellent dealers and strategic customers, and compete for large project orders and government resources. In addition, the business development should prevent the available disadvantages, protect the excellent markets and excellent customers, avoid policy and trade risks, and properly handle leftover problems from interrupted markets. The operation management should increase income and reduce expenditure to maximize the business volume with minimum cost. In terms of team construction, the marketing team should advocate the wolf spirit and build learning-oriented corporate culture to keep pace with the times. The cadre team should undertake the sense of responsibility and mission. The stimulation mechanism shall be perfected to stimulate the team vigor.

A man of valor is undaunted in the memorable years. Standing at the all-new start point of 2018, King Long people undertakes confidence, courage, passion, and dream to fight bravely and strive for excellent performances.

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