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20 Units King Long XMQ6106 Electric City Buses Start Operation in Daqing

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20 Units King Long XMQ6106 Electric City Buses Start Operation in Daqing

Jun 28 , 2022

On November 23, 20 units King Long XMQ6106 electric city buses were officially delivered to Daqing Youcheng Public Transport Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Youcheng Public Transport) for operation in Heilongjiang Province. With further upgraded digital system and intelligent system, the city buses are all equipped with Domain Control Units (DCUs), representing the bus maker’s latest technological breakthrough in helping cities build more intelligent public transport networks.

Featuring more smooth driving, more travel comforts and less noise, XMQ6106 electric bus adopts more environmentally friendly furnishing materials, one-step access and barrier-free boarding ramp. Its DCU further integrate the heat management system and electric control system, thus significantly improving the bus’ responsiveness. With higher compatibility, higher integration level, and higher performance, its DCU helps King Long electric bus create more comfortable environment for both drivers and passengers.

In recent years, Daqing has been taking concrete actions to seek a more eco-friendly development road. By introducing King Long XMQ6106 electric city buses, the city aims to promote greener public transport and provide greener and more comfortable travel services for local residents.

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