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12 Buses Win the Awards of "2009-2010 Recommended Buses to Overseas Market"

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12 Buses Win the Awards of "2009-2010 Recommended Buses to Overseas Market"

Jun 28 , 2022
On 30 January 2010, "the 4th Great Influence on China Buses Industry 2009-2010 Announcement of China buses Reader Survey & Awarding Ceremony" was held in the Beijing Hot Spring Leisure City. After the open voting on the internet for one month, the result of the award of "2009-2010 Recommended Buses to Overseas Market" was announced and 12 excellent buses such as Kinglong XMQ6900, Higer KLQ6125A and Youngman JNP6122 won. 

The award of  "2009-2010 Recommended Buses to Overseas Market"

The survey is hosted by both and and co-hosted by Auto Week of China Communications News, China Tourism News, Auto Week of China Industry News, Commercial Vehicle News, Transport World, and Transport Business China. It is known that the forth readership survey is the biggest scale of the "Influence on the Chinese Bus Industry" activities with the most attention and votes till now.

This survey holds the principle of openness, justice and fairness on the platform of and www. from 18 December 2009 to 18 January 2010 and there are 34 buses from 20 domestic bus manufacturers such as Yutong, Kinglong, Golden Dragon, Higer, Zhongtong, Ankai and Youngman participating. These good buses impress the foreign readers with outstanding quality as well as high cost performance as the products  "Made in China ". With the unique advantages of platform with the readers covering almost 200 countries and regions, it gained the strong response of the readers with more than 85 thousand valid votes, 100 messages and almost 100 feedback emails. Based on the strict statistics by the supervisory committee, these 12 buses stand out as : Kinglong XMQ6900, Higer KLQ6125A, Youngman JNP6122, Zhongtong LCK6120, AUV BJ6123, Bonluck JXK6137, Yutong ZK6116, Golden Dragon XML6907, Zonda YCK6127, Huanghai DD6109S22, Changan SC6100 and Hengtong CKZ6801.

This survey obtained the readers'  high attention as well as active participation and the approval of many delegates of the bus builders attending the award ceremony. In the face of the depression of the financial crisis and the adverse exporting environment, the Chinese bus industry suddenly confronts the hardship, various difficulties and gloomy overseas market. In the meantime, the Chinese buses with reliable quality and high cost performance are brightly sparkling and become the attractive "2009-2010 Recommended Buses to Overseas Market". In addition, the effective information is provided to the domestic bus manufacturers for the products promotion and feedback through www.

The awarded buses as "2009-2010 Recommended Buses to Overseas Market" will be specially recommended in various forms on www. With the mature platform, there will be more and more developed Chinese buses to be introduced and promoted to the overseas readers and markets.


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