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100 King Long Hybrid City Buses to Serve Fuzhou

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100 King Long Hybrid City Buses to Serve Fuzhou

Jun 28 , 2022

100 King Long XMQ6127GHEV12 hybrid city buses ordered by Fujian Automobile Transport Company will be used in Fuzhou City to transport the citizens there.

Fujian Automobile Transport Company, as key transport company in Fujian engaged in road passenger transport, tourism transport and urban public transport, owns over 2200 buses. From 2009, the company began to purchase LNG city buses and in late 2012 introduced 10 King Long XMQ6127GH5 hybrid city buses.

The 100 King Long XMQ6127GHEV12 hybrid city buses will replace the older LNG city buses and diesel city buses in main routes of Fuzhou downtown.

King Long XMQ6127GHEV12 is a hybrid city bus newly designed by King Long company, replacing diesel engine with LNG one. Compared with traditional city buses, the model is advantageous in low emission, noise and fuel cost. Different in fuel, the model is added high-voltage drive and super capacitors. 12m length makes the bus much wider and larger seat capacity. High-intensity body, practical interior trimming and reliable operational system make a perfect hybrid city bus.

It's said Fujian Automobile Transport Company planned to build 170 gas stations in Fujian Province, including 60 LNG stations in Fuzhou.

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