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Technology Innovation Leads the Future of King Long

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Technology Innovation Leads the Future of King Long

Jun 28 , 2022
In January 2010, Guo, Renxiang took office as General Manager of King Long Company. Mr. Guo, who was the General Manager of four companies including passenger vehicle industry and motorcycle industry, was in charge of technology, HR, procurement and planning before he came to King Long.

By virtue of the profound understanding of passenger vehicle competition and development trend, Guo, Renxiang realized that technology innovation and transformation were the development direction of bus industry in the future. Only the innovation could upgrade the industry.

Within two and a half years in King Long, Guo, Renxiang conducted strategy management and performance management, and he even spent a lot of money hiring SAP and IBM to integrate the information system. After over one year, ERP management system was established.

Fundamental R&D, production line reform and new technology research was Mr. Guo’s another focus. From the second half of 2012, King Long spent money on R&D center, test center and complete vehicle electrophoresis assemble line. King Long changed from resource integration to technology transformation.

"We’d like to provide our customers with King Long buses with the value that they can’t get from anywhere else. Customers’ expectation to our products is what we want. Technological development for King Long is a long way.” Guo, Renxiang said.

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