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Kinglong Bus Opens Natural Gas Bus Market of Chile

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Kinglong Bus Opens Natural Gas Bus Market of Chile

Jun 28 , 2022
In late February, two Kinglong XMQ6891G natural gas buses safely arrived in San Antonio port (Chile) and attracted the strong response of local citizens and media.

These buses are sample vehicles made by Kinglong Bus for the southern area of Chile in batch quantity.

Kinglong natural gas bus ran at the street of Chile.

Chile, located in the southeast of American continent is the most developed country in economy in Latin America and well-known for cooper. It is one of the quality markets in South America with citizens' strong purchasing power and high PGDP. At present, Benz and Volvo are main bus brand there. Recently, Chinese bus manufacturers started to notice this emerging market with the increasing trade cooperation and the signing of the agreement of free trade between China and Chile. Kinglong Bus stepped into the bus market of Chile since 2007 and gradually opened the market with high cost performance and complete after-sales service. It is possible that it sells over 80 buses and occupies No.1 of the Chinese buses exporting to Chile in this year.

Kinglong XMQ6891G natural gas bus with EuroⅤ emission

It is introduced that these group of buses equipped with Cummins natural gas engines, EuroⅤ emission and the obvious features of economy, environment, high efficiency and energy-saving. It is planned to delivery all buses to Chile in the end of March and be operated locally in May. To provide after-sales guarantee, Kinglong creates 4S shop with local dealer which will be open in this April.

This order is another big deal for Kinglong after the exporting of 151 natural gas buses to Peru in last December in South America region. The local "Magellan News" said that “The usage of these natural gas environmental buses will be helpful to change the comparatively lagging bus system of Chile and supply convenient transport service." It is understood that San Diego is also preparing to introduce natural gas buses in batch quantity in the future affected by the this project.

Zhu Guoqiang, the deputy general manager of Kinglong showed that Kinglong started to develop new energy bus since 2001 and it has mastered the first-class development technology within 10 years. Currently, the new energy buses have been sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Xiamen and exported to Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Peru and Chile. He indicated: Kinglong would continuously strengthen the development of new energy buses and promote new products to confront the low-carbon economy tide and benefit from the great support of the government.

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