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King Long won the American Muse Design Awards

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King Long won the American Muse Design Awards

Jan 16 , 2023

King Long won the American Muse Design Awards

The winners of the MUSE DESIGN AWARDS 2022, an internationally renowned competition, have been recently unveiled. The two products of King Long, Jieguan V and Apolong II, won the top prizes of MUSE Design Awards - "Platinum Award" and "Gold Award" respectively. The two original design works received the unanimous praise of the international jury for their innovative design, aesthetic appeal and creativity!


Founded in New York, USA, the Muse Design Awards is an international design competition for creative professionals and companies, and one of the most influential awards in the world of creative design, aimed to honor, promote and encourage creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating design production. The ingenuity, much like a muse, reshapes the boundaries and scope of creativity. The spark of inspiration is actually the best reward and praise for persistence and accumulation.


Striving for building a beautiful travel community all along, King Long launched the two pioneering epoch-making products - Apolong II and Jieguan V. Let's have a glimpse of the elegance of these two award-winning étoiles.


King Long Apolong II

2022 MUSE Muse Design Award - Platinum Award



As a new rising star in automotive industrial design in the AI era, King Long Apolong II clenches the trend of technology development, ushering the auto industry transformation to "intelligent manufacturing" with its groundbreaking design and leading auto driving strength, and brings the dream of auto driving into reality.


Equipped with Baidu's latest Apollo system, Apolong II boosts three major capabilities: high precision positioning, intelligent perception and intelligent control. With sensing devices such as industry-leading Lidar, high dynamic range cameras, stereo cameras, it can capture its surrounding external information and coordinate multiple sensors to work simultaneously and is capable of autonomous driving in scenarios such as parks, scenic spots, airports, university campuses, large factories and hotels.


Additionally, the body is made of resin transfer molding (RTM) lightweight composite material, which significantly enhances the friendliness to the environment. The concept design of Apolong is inspired by the little yellow duck and the overall style is compact, exquisite and adorable, with a very futuristic appearance, making this high-tech product full of affinity.


King Long Jieguan V

2022 MUSE Muse Design Award - Gold Award



Facing the new competitive "track", Jieguan V, a tailor-made product for high-end tourism, group and passenger transport markets, came into the world!


In appearance, Jieguan V inherits a high standard of aesthetic presence, with an even more majestic design and a fierce shape like a racing car. The interior design is more elaborate than ever, with a one-piece cabin molding roof, simple style passenger seats, the same pull-down style curtains of the high speed train. The light luxury configuration creates a warm and graceful inner atmosphere and delivers a spacious and comfortable travel experience.


Through NVH improvement, Jieguan V realizes the reduction of vibration and noise of the entire vehicle, making the journey more pleasant. In terms of driving experience, Jieguan V has roomy driving space, a multi-functional driver's seat, and the industry's first multi-functional micro-control bus switch with 36 aviation touch buttons, realizing a more accurate and intelligent human-computer multimodal interaction.  


Furthermore, King Long has has always endeavored to provide the most complete intelligent transportation products, covering large, medium and light buses, self-driving buses and chassis, special vehicles, trucks, caravans and all kinds of travel products to fully meet the needs of customers for different occasions and create a better travel experience for the public!


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