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King Long serves for 2019 Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference

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King Long serves for 2019 Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference

Jun 28 , 2022

The 2019 Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference was held at Fuzhou Strait Conference & Exhibition Center on March 21 and 22. Following "Two Sessions" where "Intelligence Plus" was a hot topic, Huawei held the largest and most closely watched ecological event in the ICT field in the first half of 2019, inviting nearly 20,000 guests from all walks of life across the country to discuss the changes and challenges of the smart age, drive the digital transformation of the industry, and face the future intelligent world where everything is connected. It is worth mentioning that, 56 electric buses XMQ6112 delivered recently by King Long to Fujian Automobile Transport Co., Ltd. (Min Yun) were put into the reception service of this conference.

XMQ6112 is one of the representatives of the upgraded version of the classic commuter buses of King Long and a classic model of King Long launched in the main market of 11-meter buses. It is an "all-match" bus that can be used in the market of passenger transport, tourism, group travel, rental and other markets, and an "ideal" road bus with good appearance, high quality and affordable price. Since its launch in 2015, more than 3,000 Model 6112 have been sold. In 2019, an upgraded version of XMQ6112 with a brand new design was officially launched, which has been favored by the market. Batch orders, such as the order of 30 vehicles of CD-Trans Group, the order of 30 vehicles of Tianjin Zhongtianchengyun Passenger Transport Co., Ltd and the order of 56 electric buses for 2019 Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference, have arrived as promised.

The XMQ6112 features the unique look of King Long bus family, with a great sense of visual beauty, highlighting brand recognition. Besides its gorgeous, elegant and fashionable appearance, it also has more "connotations". In accordance with ergonomic design, the cab is repeatedly calibrated to ensure comfortable driving experience. Every detail in the bus has been carefully designed. By optimizing the top structure of the front and rear walls, the interior space is arranged delicately to be maximized. The capacity of the bus can reach 47 1 even with a middle door. It is equipped with cost-effective configuration, and the interior configuration of the whole bus is integrated, making it more harmonious and beautiful.

In the aspect of vehicle safety, XMQ6112 adopts the highly reliable full-monocoque frame technology of mature vehicle models. "3H" high-strength closed-loop body and 5 closed-loop sections adopting Q700 ultra-high-strength steel, can greatly enhance the structural strength and guarantee passengers' living space in an all-round way.

The bus adopts the lithium iron phosphate battery of CATL, with high energy density and 580 km of endurance. The power battery pack has the function of automatic heating and heat preservation, and the protection grade of battery box is at the level of IP68. Integrated five-in-one controller can operate efficiently with simple structure.

In terms of vehicle networking technology, XMQ6112 is equipped with King Wings on-board computer intelligent drive control system, self-developed power management system and bus system, which indicates that it uses technology to guarantee the safety of the team when traveling.

"The Evolution of Intelligence Due to Convergence" is the theme of 2019 Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference, which is also in line with the connotation of XMQ6112 product—more comfortable, safer and more intelligent. The conference advocates that "The only way to adapt to external change is through self-evolution; Intelligent evolution is needed in the intelligent age." King Long has been working with suppliers to continuously expand the scale of the industrial chain and improve research and development, so as to meet customers' ever-escalating needs, and achieve win-win cooperation. It can be imagined that, in the future market of high-end passenger transport, King Long will be more prominent.

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