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King Long Launches "Land Departure Warning System"

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King Long Launches "Land Departure Warning System"

Jun 28 , 2022
A good news about an innovation security technology in the Bus Industry comes into being, which is designed to protect the safety of the drivers, especially to avoid the accidents caused by fatigue driving. The technology is from King Long Bus,which is called Land Departure Warning System(LDWS). Since July 15th, all King Long city buses are equipped with LDWS, which means a new era of safety driving is coming.

Land Departure Warning System--King Long

When the bus is driving in the road, through measuring the distance between the lane marks and the vehicle, once the bus deviates from the lane marks, the Land Departure Warning System can send out the positive alarm to warn the drivers and achieve more response time for the drivers so as to reduce the collision accidents.

Components of the LDWS:①SmartCam ②LDWS controller ③LDWS rocker switch ④ vibration cushion

Components of the LDWS: ①SmartCam ②LDWS controller ③LDWS rocker switch ④ vibration cushion

According to statistics, about 44% of the car accidents are relevant with the vehicles deviating from the normal lane marks, which is caused by the fatigue driving and poor attention and focus. Therefore, Land Departure Warning System is helpful for the vehicle to reduce the road traffic accidents so as to protect the passengers.

Since 2010, King Long Bus' Science and Technology Research and Development Department started to do the self development on the LDWS. The project is supported by the main industry analysis project in Xiamen City. After long time to do the road tests, algorithm validation and the development of the mould etc, it was finally put into production in June 2012.

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