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King Long "King Wings" Contest Brings Much First to the Industry

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King Long "King Wings" Contest Brings Much First to the Industry

Jun 28 , 2022
Recently, professional skill improving passion of bus drivers was again lightened up. "King Wings" Contest was successfully held in Beijing, where National Labor Medal came out. Feng Zhenglin, deputy director of Ministry of Transportation and Zhou Haitao presented the prizes to excellent teams and individuals, which inspired this high-end industrial competition to continue its glory in the future.

In the history of drivers’ skill competition, King Long "King Wings" Contest is really meaning something. Especially in Beijing final, operational contest is much more serious by comprehensive competition arbitration, more reasonable contents, more practical road conditions, setting of emergency disposal, the lowest fuel consumption and more scientific project setting. Much first is performed by this competition.

King Long "King Wings" Contest Unveils New Chapter of Security and Energy Conservation

The First to Take Convincing Score Distribution Mode
In the final, total scores of every competitor are consisted of theory, safe and civilized driving, energy conservation and emergency disposal, taking up 30%, 40%, 20% and 10% respectively.

The First to Take More Practical Complicated Road Conditions
Different from previous competitions, this competition takes more practical roads which are mostly close to the daily roads of transportation. Items, such as start-up, stop, breaking, shift, steer, pass the intersection, straight road or curves, highway or pull off in the road, are set to make the vehicle operation more like the real operation, which is also an innovation of this competition.

King Long "King Wings" Contest Track Intimates Cliff Driving Section

The First to Lower Fuel Consumption Per 100km to the Unbelievable Level
In the final, fuel consumption per 100km stands out. Su Wenze, the oldest driver, is the individual champion of fuel consumption. Due to his skillful fuel consumption level, he became the spotlight by 13.8L/100km. The second and the third competitors are Niu Li from Beijing and Dong Chengming from Hubei with fuel consumption of 13.93L/100km and 15.73L/100km.

The First to Take Precise King Wings System As the Referee
This is an era keeping innovative reform. King Wings system fully caters for such a development trend and became a shining spot. With this reliable system, final seems to have wings and become more smooth.

The First to Introduce Driving Simulator for Emergency Disposal Test
In the past, safe and energy saving driving skill only focused on safe driving skill and fuel conservation driving skill. In this year, emergency disposal is added to the test contents for the first time.

Automobile driving simulator and supporting software cracked the problem of emergency disposal test, which is also the first time.

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