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King Long Held KINGO Mini Van Service Training for Malaysia

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King Long Held KINGO Mini Van Service Training for Malaysia

Jun 28 , 2022

The King Long Overseas After-sales Service Department held the “King Long KINGO Special Training” from November 11 to November 16in Malaysia. It is the first time for King Long to hold the national training in Malaysia, it would help KINGO mini van to get the further establishment.

The training lasted for three days, and it provided detailed after-sales service explanations, including training, warranty & maintenance, case study, installation skills, troubleshooting and trouble spot maintenance.

In the vivid teaching course of combining theory with practice, trainees were passionate and interactive, pushing the training into climax; during the field disassembling activities, everybody took part in to strengthen their operational capabilities; the afternoon tea and group discussion enhanced the friendship and provided a good communication platform to make the technical exchange more comfortable and harmonious.

The training is designed to constantly adjust and optimize the after-sales service based on the market needs, ensure the terminal stores carry out higher quality and efficient service through abundant course training and practical exercises so as to improve the satisfaction of end users as well as boost the sales of KINGO vehicles and the brand competition of King Long in overseas markets.

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