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3000 King Long Light Buses Drive in South Africa

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3000 King Long Light Buses Drive in South Africa

Jun 28 , 2022

It is known from King Long Bus that there are 3000 King Long light buses running around the courses among 9 cities as the local city buses during the period of 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Soaring growth of exporting of King Long light buses

In recent years, 33 billion Rand (4.4 billion USD) has been invested on the construction of infrastructure such as transport, communications and stadiums for the games in South Africa. The data shows, the organizing committee of World Cup South Africa purchased 1,422 buses, including 210 luxury buses for the organizing committee, 286 buses for transportation, 189 city buses, 258 city buses for passengers and 479 commuter buses.

Apart from official procurement, it has high demand on minibuses in the local area. Some of China main light bus builders such as Jinbei, King Long and Naveco all exported products to South Africa. Since launching in 2008, King Long has opened the market quickly in South Africa. According to the preliminary statistics, King Long has exported 1,320 light buses worthy 11.9 million USD there and there have been almost 3000 light buses in operation in South Africa (over 1,500 ones exported in 2009).

King Long light buses export to overseas in mass production

Xie Weiguo, the manager of Overseas Sales Department of Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co.,Ltd. showed that, "The exporting of King Long light buses to South Africa increasingly grows this year due to the rising market demand for World Cup and because that King Long is popular there for continuously improved product quality, good overseas sales marketing network as well as enhanced brand influence, as the leading China bus builder. "

King Long also gains great achievements in South America, Southeast Asia and North Africa regions. It is understood that there have been 2,552 King Long light buses for exporting; year-on-year growth of 881.54% and it ranks No. 2 in the industry with big volume of exporting buses. 

Xie Weiguo said that, "By the end of 2010, it possibly will break the sales of 3,500 units for the exporting of King Long light buses, accounting for around 20% of China's exporting of light buses. That is to say, there are two from King Long in every 10 exporting light buses from China."

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