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2019 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components,King Long Bus Has Started the New Generation of 5G Intelligent Network Public Tran

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2019 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components,King Long Bus Has Started the New Generation of 5G Intelligent Network Public Tran

Jun 28 , 2022

From May 29 to 31, 2019 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components was held at China International Exhibition Center. With the theme of Leading Intelligent and Green Transportation, the exhibition has emphasized on the demonstration of technology and equipment of new energy or clean energy in transportation, enhanced the promotion and application of intelligent transportation technology and equipment in transportation industry, provided assistance on transportation modernization and transportation construction for powerful country.

The integrated development of new technologies of 5G, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc. has pushed Four Modernizations of automobiles into a new stage and motivated a new around reform of transportation industry. On the morning of May 29, King Long had drawn attention from all circles by launching the real 5G intelligent network urban public transportation - Smart Citylights XMQ6125AG, which has made 5G intelligent network public transportation product become true, showing the technical innovation and wide application prospect of 5G-enabled intelli-gent network public transportation.

Smart Citylights is the First Released 5G Intelligent Network Urban Public Transportation in the industry

In the meantime, the representative of high-end buses - Longwin II Flagship version was also exhibited with its advanced industrial design and international top ranking quality to show the new height of Chinese bus manufacturing industry.

Smart Citylights Has Won an Important Place of Intelligent Network Bus

5G has made the dream of internet of everything become true, however, in practical application, larger data package depending real time performance will be enabled by 5G. A series of intelligent transportation industries including automatic driving will be enhanced its industrialization process by 5G application, and the public transportation will also move forward to intelligent transportation. As the leader in the bus industry, King Long is playing a role of pioneer once again in the trend of 5G revolution. On the press conference with the theme of Light of Intelligence, Changing the Future, King Long all new 5G intelligent network urban public bus - Smart Citylights made its official debut in the lights of dream.

Smart Citylights was Unveiled by Senior Management of the Company and Experts of the Industry

In fact, on the basis of strategic objective of Technological King Long, the company has started the innovation of intelligent network technology including automatic driving in 2012, and realized technical application featuring ADAS remind system, vehicle remote monitor and control, vehicle remote intelligent power matching and intelligent speed control. Regarding the automatic driving, the company has cooperated with Baidu to develop King Long Apolong L4 automatic driving bus featuring motorization, network connection and intelligence, which is now of the top level automatic driving vehicle and transferred to commercial operations in 21 regions in China in 2018. Besides, it has reached international advanced standard with strong sensing, accurate positioning and intelligent control, of which intelligent wiring controlled chassis has been fully approved by the market.

King Long has been devoted for transformation and upgrade through industrial innovation. The Smart Citylights unveiled this time is another achievement of innovation-driven strategy, applying 5GV2X technology (Vehicle to everything) to make the concept of intelligent transportation become the reality.

Intelligent Design to Show the Charm of V2X Technology

“It will take time for 5G smartphone coming to the market, but 5G intelligent network urban public transportation has already come! The Smart Citylights is a super urban public transportation designed for intelligent city. It will make the urban public transportation become safer and well-arranged with the humanistic concern of the city.” Explained by Yan Weibing, Deputy Manager of Planning Dept. on the press conference.

In order to take advantage of 5G transmission, the intelligent chassis platform and domain control have been redesigned and produced. The intelligent chassis platform has realized wiring control on braking, steering and power system to build the foundation for constant update of intelligent network applications. The intelligent domain control features unified management of intelligent network equipments with accurate sensing. With the help of intelligent chassis and domain control, and 5G large capacity and low delay, the Smart CityLights takes advantage of 5GV2X technology and realizes efficient coordination of vehicle system and transportation environment.

Based on 5G technology, the Smart Citylights will coordinate with intelligent roadside equipment to realize real time coordination of vehicle and traffic light, BVR sensing dangerous objectives at intersections and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The network collision mitigation system is integrated with multiple sensors including vehicle-to-vehicle communication, intelligent vision and radar, to realize anti-collision warning and collision mitigation control. 3D panoramic viewing system is integrated with 360 degree radar information and driving track to realize anticipation and dynamic guidance. The intelligent driver identification will monitor driving conditions, as well as big data will analyze driving data and adjust the interactions of drivers in accordance with road conditions.

In addition, the Smart Citylights is configured with independent developed Eco-Chip 3.0 new energy management system, applying upgraded electronic algorithm and featuring new breakthroughs of safety, reliability, energy conservation, power performance and comfort.

As the leading bus manufacturer to arrange 5G intelligent network vehicles, in last September, King Long had cooperated with Datang Telecom to start trial operation of 5G intelligent network public transportation. The sixteen functions of Smart Citylights including lane keeping, following operation and front anti-collision has been tested on Xiamen BRT line. As planned, there will be 50 units of King Long intelligent BRT which will start operation by the end of this year.

Keep Challenging to High-end, Longwin II Flagship Comes to the Stage

Impacted by aviation, high speed railway and private car, the market of passenger and group transportation has been gradually depressed which makes the transformation and improvement of passenger transpiration become essential. With the demand of national economic and social development and people’s living standards, it is still a long way to enhance the comfort and experience of passenger coaches.

Longwin II Flagship version is another industrial design achievement of King Long in this exhibition. Longwin II is the one of the main objectives of supply side structural reform and high quality development. Compared with international first class brands, the company has applied the development mode of platform of digital and modular platforms, practiced craftsmanship spirit of being best from the subtle, created high end passenger transportation of best quality and re-arranged the competition pattern of the market. Longwin II Flagship version has fully applied innovative industrial design, featuring all new updates including appearance, safety, NVH, operation, ergonomics and comfort, demonstrating the new height of Chinese high end bus manufacturing.

Longwin II Flagship Version

Longwin II has passed strict industrial tests of safety and energy conservation, awarded as C-SCAP China Super Five-Start Safety Bus, then passed the National 6B Stage Whole Vehicle Certification Test, proving its leading golden content of Chinese high end bus industry. Moreover, Longwin II is also a five-star comfortable bus with international standard vibration and muting index reaching super five-star muting performance. It is also the first Chinese road bus using full screen windshield featuring 110mm radian and difficulty for wide open vision which shows the outstanding strength of Chinese high end bus manufacturing industry.

In the new era of rapid scientific and technological development, the dreams are coming true because of technological innovation. King Long promises to be dedicated for innovation, to accelerate the intelligent development of bus industry, to lead the industrial transformation and upgrade constantly and to create the better public transportation.

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