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Kingwin Series

Stylish, streamlined appearance, abundant horsepower, optimized configuration and energy efficiency enable it to be widely used in passenger transportation, tourism, and shuttles.

Technical Specifications of Kingwin Van
Length×Width×Hight (mm) 5040/5340×1700×1960/2050/2250
Wheelbase (mm) 2590/2890
Seats No. 6-9, 10-14
Body Structure Monocoque body
Engine 4G21B (4G20B), V20 (V19), XG491, 4RB2, YC4FB90 (Diesel)
Displacement (L) 2.0, 2.0, 2.2
Max Powe (kW/rpm) 76/4600, 81/4600-4800, 82/4600
Max Torque (N·m/rpm) 178/3200-3800, 180/2400-3600, 217/2600-3200
Transmission 5MT
Suspension Front independent torsion bar spring, rear five leaf spring suspension
Brake System Front disk Rear drum
Assistant Braking System Load proportional valve, ABS+EBD
Tyre 195/70R15C
Curb Weight (kg) 1860
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